bonaire apartments



San Antonio bay - bonaire apartments near - pinet beach?
the one which has a boat running to it from san antonio all day

looking to find out how to contact the owners of these aparments or the travel agents ... had a great holiday staying here a few years ago. The holiday was with "style holidays" they no longer do ibiza.

Does anyone have any contact details.

Can post a pic of it?

Thanks in advance

:lol: :lol:
that sounds about right as there were a lot of dutch people there are the time

how would i go about contacting the owners direct they were a couple from the uk. Would like to book direct

tried directory enquiries to no avail :(

the caretakers are a couple from the uk. we've tried this route for some friends and......
janet doesn't know which apartments are available till more or less the same day when she receives info from the dutch company, so it's impossible to book anything in advance!

the whole apartment block is for sale btw