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Anyone got any pictures of the outside of the new Boho bar in San An's west end?

Cant think whereabouts it is.
It used to be called something else. Something beginning like "Ex..... something or other.?????

Just been reading about it on some other website.
yes the club just under Piscis Park hotel.way back in the 80s it was very good.but dropped off in the 90s.then closed.bit on the small side.but when i went in the 80s the music was unreal.steps leading right up to the pilers inside.

the good old days.lets hope it takes off.
... .lets hope ...
... they didn´t destroy the "EXSTASIS-" sign !
in case that boho fails (and if it doesn´t fail, too)
at least the original sign must be saved !!

but that below doesn´t sound too bad -
at least they seem to know that this place and it´s architecture
is an important part of ibiza´s nightlife-history:

With its eccentric circular themed interior and opulent decor,
the former legendary Extasis venue in San Antonio
has been transformed into BoHo ...

can somemone who is at ibiza now take a picture of extasis
how the club looks now from outside ?
it looks exactly the same than before.....
they havent done anything outside yet :!:
... good ... very good -
because that beautiful font of the EXTASIS-sign, the EXTASIS-doors,
the EXTASIS-whatthe****ever is/was part of the whole concept
of "... the former legendary Extasis venue ..." and
of "... its eccentric circular themed interior and opulent decor ..."
thank god - obviously the new owners
- appreciate the fantastic interiordesign
- didn´t demolish/throw out anything
- and finally bring that great club back to (ibiza´s night)life !!!

BoHo Ibiza - A fresh new contender.
Posted: 12/5/09 14:51
Latest News

The entrance is as unassuming as they come, squeezed in between souvenir shops
and beach towels virtually on top of the Egg roundabout in San Antonio.

But step through the concrete facade and down the Alice in Wonderland tunnel
and step into a perfectly rounded exemplary Ibiza nightclub experience.
The newly whitened BoHo (formerly known as Extasis) is actually so well-rounded
that you'd be hard pushed to find a corner in here.

All finca-style curves and exquisite levels, if you're looking for an authentic
Spanish clubbing venue without crossing the island all night, then it's right here
on your virtual doorstep.
The face behind, or boldly in front, of the new venture is Balearic legend Jason Bull,
already forging the shape of the islands future with his well established Base Bar
and Es Vive Hotel.

San Antonio, however is a new direction for him, as he explains:

"I was offered this chance, and didn't really want to get involved at first...
You know, San Antonio is not really my neck of the woods,
in fact I've probably been here more in the last month than the last 14years...
but once I came and saw the place I was just blown away by the energy,
and the design and vibe of the whole place...
it's an amazing place and its got such a vibrant history and past,
it's one of the original Ibiza venues,
and it's very exciting to be involved in something like this,
an intimate place,
somewhere fresh"

With huge support from an existing network of island movers and shakers,
and a strong eclectic weekly line up led by Mr C's Superfreq and including
Nicky Holloway's Desert Island Disco, Filth, Bitch, Miss Moneypennys, Atomik,
S****ys & Sintillate,
BoHo's strategy of reasonably priced entrance and bar priced drinks
may well be the preferred way for the clever clubber to enjoy Ibiza this summer
albeit in the more unlikely of places.

BoHo Opening Saturday May 30th
(ibiza-voice / words by smac)


The perfect oasis of fabulous music and stylish surroundings, BoHo – Ibiza’s freshest clubbing destination - is ready to be unveiled on May 30th, 2009.

Already the most-talked about event of this summer’s Ibiza calendar, the launch of BoHo in San Antonio sees owners Jason Bull of Es Vive Hotel fame and party organiser extraordinaire Tony Truman team up with some of the most forward-thinking and relevant promotions to provide Ibiza’s clubbers with the best in quality sounds and electric atmosphere, every single night of the week.

The grand opening party on Saturday May 30th/[b ]will see deck maestros [bD]irty Vegas, Alex Gold, Pete Gooding, Luvlee/ and Ben Santiago living it up with Ibiza’s most clued-up clubbers and White Isle faces. Start as you mean to go on – this launch party looks set to be an amazing start to the season! After the celebrations, get ready to dance ‘til dawn at our fantastic weekly residencies which offer a range of aural temptations to satisfy even the most fussy of musical tastes:


On Mondays, Nicky Holloway presents the guilty pleasures of dance music at his Desert Island Disco. Expect the original Ibiza pioneer to ‘put the Z back into Ibiza’, delivering his own brand of house classics alongside soul and disco, to a sophisticated crowd who really know their music. Launch party: 1st June.

On alternate Tuesdays, the twin powers of Bitch and Filth take the reins at BoHo. Filth, Leeds’ leading promotion promises ‘jump up electro house and hands-in-the-air rave’, while <b>Bitch</b>, Manchester’s infamous hedonist’s playground brings the finest electro house talent to the decks. Filth launch party: June 9th.

On Wednesdays, it’s hard dance and a new night Atomik, featuring the Tidy Boys and the Atomik Allstars. A night of clubbing debauchery and euphoric hysteria with high calibre guests and an unbeatable atmosphere, Wednesdays at BoHo will literally be the bomb! Launch party: June 17th.

On Thursdays, Mr C brings the only party that looks like a model and rocks like a b*stard – Superfreq to BoHo. Celebrating life to a soundtrack of cutting-edge yet fun electronic dance music with Mr C, Bushwacka and Dollz At Play at the grand launch party on June 11th.

On Fridays, the original glamourpuss Miss Moneypenny’s lay on lashings of their signature style and welcome along their supremely fashionable crowd. With resident Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan and select guests playing the very best in upfront house, plus vocalists, percussionists and beautiful dancers, Miss Moneypenny’s just cannot be missed. Launch party: June 5th

On Saturdays, the Dynamite Hosts bring their exclusive S****ys parties to the swish surroundings of BoHo. The epitome of cool for a crazy, uninhibited dress-up; the party theme gives the elite clientele the opportunity to mix fashion, hedonism and exhibitionism with the intoxicating vibe of Ibiza. Expect an eclectic mix of debauched naughtiness, chic beats and riotous revelers. The best looking Saturday night and most unique party in 2009 in Ibiza is S****ys! Launch party: June 13th.

On Sundays, soulful house and R n B finds a home at BoHo with the arrival of prestige party organisers Sintillate. DJ Spoony is weekly resident and will welcome DJ guests from the world of showbiz as well as leading lights on the dance scene – ensuring Sundays at BoHo will never be a day of rest.


For more information on the nights at BoHo please see:

Desert Island Disco -
Filth -
Bitch -
Atomik -
Superfreq -
Miss Moneypenny’s -
S****ys -
Sintillate -

Boho - http;// / http;//
Facebook group:
Advance tickets available from -

All media enquiries: Miranda Cook @ PMP
BOHO 2nd June (on party calendar)

Is this right?
It isn't listed on their website.

Swedish House Mafia
Danny Savage
i took a look when i left san antonio one hour ago and it still looks the same... no BoHo sign outside or anything!! :idea:
Desert Island Disco - Opening Party Night - Monday 1st June
Resident DJs: Nicky Holloway, Roy The Roach, Dave Zaf

June 1st Brandon Block
June 8th Alfredo
June 15th Danny Rampling & Jerry Frempong
June 22nd Trevor Fung
June 29 Brandon Block