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    Hello everyone,

    hope i get a reply to this because it seems a lot of people post messages and get no replies...

    I am a professional body/facepainter- (of 5 years) and am currently studing beauty therpay level 2( due to do exams very soon)

    I want to come out to ibiza next year to use my skills, this week i have sent emails to, pretty intricate, kiss my fairy, in your dreams, massage beach ( these seem to be the biggest makeup/ creative body paint companies.

    If i haven't heard anything in a week, then i am going to contact them through mobile or instagram.

    How should i go about all of this in what order?

    get a job sorted first, then NIE then accommodation? or NIE then accommodation? I'm just not sure, i would love to hear from people who are makeup/ body painters, or even someone who can put me in touch with someone out there!

    If anyone is interested in seeing more of my work then visit my instagram or website :) livingcreations91

    some of my portfolio is attached :)

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