boat cruise party



going to Ibiza with Club freestyle
what is the boat criuse party like is it worth it

and what about other trips reps want to sell us are they any good
Really does all depend on what tickles ur pickle. have been away with freestyle before and vowed never to go away with a company like that ever again.(not trying to put you off) it just wasnt my thing. i like to do my own thing and go out not drinking all that much. going for the music n all that. if your into the whole drink til ya puke thing then ull love it. o and those booze cruises r basically drink til ya puke but get sunstroke while your at it kinna events. if that sorta thing isnt for you then just tell them from the start that you dont want to do any of that caper and they'll leave you alone(you hope). have a good holiday no matter wotcha do!
The boat trip was the only thing we went on this year. It is the best trip they offer and it will keep the reps off your back over the rest of your holiday. Most importantly of all it is not at night. All club trips tour operators offer have little unpleasant perks, such as s*** preparties. Get club tickets from the record shops.