BNP pelted with eggs...


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well im all for democracy and freedom of speech,but let me be the first to say that i think they got their just deserts!!:evil:
I disagree, I hope the protestors shadow their every move.

If you've seen the footage, it's farcical, which is exactly how I want the BNP to look when they're on my TV screen, not being portrayed as legitimate politicians.

Egg White Power!!
there is no such thing as good press as far as the BNP is concerned.

if they have a voice for their opinions, it simply showcases how despicable, nasty and irrelevant their policies are.

also, the more public it becomes, the more it force their supporters to face up to their demons.
I'm glad it happened - fcuk 'public perception management'.

People should never change their behaviour because of worries about media portrayal.

Stupid people will vote for them regardless.
I disagree, if you hate them for there views and there hatred for others are you not the same albeit from the other end of the spectrum???

Some of the biggest facists I've ever met were from the anti nazi league.

We should all be confronting their views logically and showing them up for the idiotic prattle they no doubt are. Maybe if had been given our referendum this may have never happened.

(I'm also starting to quite like that Farage fella although I don't entirely agree with his policies 100 %)
the protesters looked worse than your stereotypical bnp yobber


*shows aggression*

*shows hatred*

*black hole*

Leave it to people like Paxman etc. to destroy him in front of millions on news night and the like.

Egging people in public lolz
spoiling your ballot is a more effective way of showing your protest! at least they're counted!

Yes that's true also and either one is better than voting BNP but please don't blame 'apathetic tossers' for letting the BNP in.

The fact we are debating it here and elsewhere - is that not testament to them now being proclaimed as THE protest vote, now even moreso???
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