Bmi Baby Flights, out now.

mambobirdette said:
pisses me off that i cant book it cuz my mate is so last min fing :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: no doubt we'll end up paying full whack :evil: :evil:

why don't you book, and your mate can book when she's ready too.
because knowing her she'll book the week b4 plan to go out & then the flight will be booked, she's hopeless :rolleyes:

She pulled a face when i told her about the Es Vive prices so thats that out of the window :rolleyes:

Hello San An :rolleyes: :evil:
Robo said:
Browneyedgirl said:
Robo said:
Lady G said:
from which airport?

Belfast (intl)
East Midlands
Glasgow (intl)
Glasgow - Prestwick
Manchester (terminal 1)

There are none from belfast, not that i can see anyway :confused:

so far it looks like its just from East Midlands then.

Where exactly is East Midlands airport. Normally we go from Manchester but they don't go direct to Ibiza, nearest stop Majorca. If I bribe the skipper he might drop me off with a parachute. Next stop Playa Den Bossa please matey!
Robo said:
gecko2 said:
Where exactly is East Midlands airport.

birmingham area, i think. :rolleyes:

We drove down to East Midlands Airport last year from Newcastle for our flight to Ibiza, its just past Donnington Park (Leicestershire rather than birmingham)- quite impressed actually - great little airport - great airline - no probs - would defo fly again from East Midlands...
It's a 5 minute drive from junction 24a on the M1. Airport access doesn't get any easier!
Cheers just booked 6 flights for £340 return

now to look for acomm in del bosa
just booked the jet apartments for 6 of us ( 2 x 1 bed room apartment)

for approx £1000

so i have managed to bag a 7 day holiday for 6 for £1340

£223 each

is this a good deal??????
Im probably way behind here and you all know already.....but did you see BA are doing direct flights from Gatwick next year?