blue rose, k-ube and the orange corner open tonight!!


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es paradis isnt the only place opening tonight!! :eek:

other openings:

· the cool bar k-ube in ibiza town (port)!! 8)
· the strip club blue rose in ibiza town (figueretas)!! (see you there biff? :lol:)
· the orange corner in san antonio (next to itaca and bar m). as reported before ( this bar previously known as kiwi looks better than before. djs for the opening party: reche, david moreno, nano vergell and julian amour among others. here is a picture i took last monday:


Mc :p
i been 'working'.

has it been boring without me??. no-one to take the pi$$ out off hehehe!!
sosososo dull
piss taking is quite soothing, for a friday afternoon
but now your back

so been working hard?
so hopefully we'll be getting an A+ for our gcse's then
then its on to the BIG time for you!
oh how proud i'll be of you!
good!! :p

seems like k-ube had some problems and didnt open last friday. the opening has been moved to may 22nd (thursday)!! :eek:
went to blue rose last sunday, it was quite fun, made friendship with some girls and went to sa trixa with them on monday