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is it true that the taxi drivers in ibiza are giving away a condom to everyone who takes a ride in the cab?
there meant to be trying to stop the spread the aids virus. someone told me this but a dont know if its true???

what do you think? anyone been and got a freebi?
yeah, i read it on the main site on the news section......bit bizarre........
prog_babe said:
bit bizarre........

why? :rolleyes:

me neither..i had a free mouth full of abuse but thats about it
danahs said:
hey... i never got any free condoms goddammit!

There are many night bars around here where they offer them for free in balls and safely wrapped, mainly in gay and mixed places. So it's relatively easy to get a few for free, and I know they are good value ;)

But offered by taxi drivers?? Sorry but I wouldn't trust them. Don't ask me why. It would be a funny situation though :p