Bingo baybee!!


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Anyone got any more ideas what to do in the winter in Ibiza for twentyish year olds? Think me and my friends have watched every DVD in the Video Club, ate in countless restaurants and were sooo damn fit from out daily sesh at the gym!!!!! And can't believe weve even stomped on down to the Bingo once or twice which...after a few bevvy's is pretty funny!!! Never thought I would but seems to be one of the "in" things to do for people my age! So help us, maybe we are getting a little bored?!!!!


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ibiza in winter

check out the don quijote website for free spanish lessons,...only one a month but a little something. I just typed in 'free spanish' in the jeeves search engine and trailed thru everything.


hi ibiza lou!
you're right, there is not much to do in the island in the
winter, but thats not so bad!
as you say, staying home, watching movies (and smoking)
is a great idea, i do it very often with my 'friend' 8)

often, the friends that i have that only come to ibiza for
the summer season, ask me how can i stay here with
this boredom, but i dont think that ibiza is just that
season, and, if the clubs would be open all the time,
i would be probably dead in 1 year ;)


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I know, chilling out and recovering for six months is a damn good idea really!!! As for the learning the Spanish, the people I live with are Spanish so a great way for me to pick it up, fingers crossed I'll be speaking something by this summer! Shame on me - three years in Ibiza and a very poor effort on my spanish lingo!