Biffy Clyro + The Family Rain @ Ibiza Rocks (24/07/13)


A proper balls-out rock show this week with Biffy Clyro, one of the bands we were looking forward to the most this year. There was a big buzz for this one and a lot of residents were in attendance (we even spotted flamenco guitarist Paco Fernandez among other well-known island faces).

The first to take the stage were the bluesy garage-rock band The Family Rain.

The trio from Bath, formed by brothers William, Ollie and Timothy Walter (curious how this week both bands were trios and both featuring brothers!), have published a couple of singles and an EP, with the debut album set for release later in the year. We recognized "Carnival", "Friction", "Reason To Die", the tremendous "Pushing It" and "Trust Me... I'm A Genius" but we enjoyed the rest of songs too.

Another great band that we discovered thanks to Ibiza Rocks and definitely one to keep an eye on.

Biffy Clyro first played at Ibiza Rocks in 2010 for the opening party and returned in 2011 for the anniversary party. This time Simon Neil and twins James and Ben Johnston (what a precise and tight rhythm section they form!) came to present the follow up to 2009's platinum-selling Only Revolutions, the majestic Opposites (who has the balls nowadays to release a double album of brand spanking new music?!), accompanied by regular tour guitarist Mike Vennart and new addition Richard Ingram on keyboards (both ex-Oceansize and current British Theatre members).

Yesterday the scottish trio wrote on twitter that it's a nightmare trying to squeeze 6 albums worth of tunes into a 60 min set. As expected with that limited time, nothing from the first three albums was played basing their set on Opposites ("Stingin' Belle", "Sounds Like Balloons", "Biblical", "The Joke's On Us" -already premiered here back in 2011-, "Spanish Radio", "Opposite" and "Black Chandelier") and Only Revolutions ("The Captain", "God & Satan", "Bubbles", "Many Of Horror", "That Golden Rule" and "Mountains") plus "Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies" from Puzzle. A magnificent concert that had it all: mosh pits, crowd surfing, drinks landing on our heads... so much fun and, to make it even more special, the band brought their own merchandise that was available at the shop of the hotel (other bands should do the same).

Conclusion? One of the best concerts of the summer, if not the best one... mon the Biff!

Both bands kicked ass and we left with a big smile on our faces, unmistakable sign of another great night at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Remember that on saturday Ibiza Rocks Bar will celebrate its 3rd anniversary with Miles Kane... we wouldn't miss it for the world!

Many more images later...



ellamicha1 said:
Better picture of my stuff from the Biffy gig at Ibiza rocks! Simon Neil's shirt and guitar pick, Ben Johnston's drum stick, my Mon The Biff flag (which Simon took onstage and wore on his back for the whole of Living Is A Problem) Biffy Ibiza Rocks poster and a new Biffy Ibiza Rocks tee. Best gig I have ever been to in my life.



Biffy Clyro setlist:

Stingin' Belle
The Captain
Sounds Like Balloons
God & Satan
The Joke's On Us
Spanish Radio
Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
Many Of Horror
That Golden Rule
Black Chandelier