Best time to visit Ibiza?



Hey im from Australia and plan to go to Ibiza for my first time in about 2-3 years and i was wondering which month(s) is best to go there, i like it when its busy.
If I could be in Ibiza for 2-months and 2-months only I'd go from June-July. It's way too busy in August!
I wouldnt be able to afford 2 months no way, and i wouldnt want to go for that long either.
Why would you want to go when it isnt busy? thats 1 of the best parts about being there, all the people!
it's always pretty busy from June-September, just August is super busy. No room to dance etc. Also the most expensive time.
I'm planning for Radio 1 weekend again as I think the atmosphere is better and the ppl are quite friendlier, never ran into bad beer boys or anything, all top blokes and fit, fit birds :D But yeah, July/August is busy as hell... however this is all coming from one year's experience.
cavill said:
Why would you want to go when it isnt busy? thats 1 of the best parts about being there, all the people!

I've visited Ibiza in August before; this summer we went for the month of July. The first and second week it was easy to find parking, easy to find a table at a restaurant, and not too much traffic on the road. By week 3 and 4 it became harder and harder to find parking, you had to make dinner reservations, the clubs were packed to the gills, and the roads were more congested. I definitely prefer July to August!
Ohh ok so best time is maybe end of july and beginning of august?
I definately prefer September. It's a bit cooler and there's less twats on the island.
Cavill, depending on which club your going to, walking may not be an option. Say you got to DC10 and are staying in San An. You'd have to be off your rocker to want to walk that. Also, if you've been tearing up the dancefloor for 5,6,7+ hours, do you really want to have to walk for another couple of hours along dust tracks(no pavements!) beside a busy road!?
*points at self* "IBIZA VIRGIN!"
I dont know how far and where everything is, not to mention club names, i read around about amnesia and i want to go there but i dont know exactly what its like.
Maybe i need to look at a map or something of Ibiza..