Best, Safe place to get a tattoo in Ibiza?


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Can anyone help?

My dad passed away just under 2 weeks ago and i went his initials as a tattoo (same as my mums too), so was thinking of getting this done while in Ibiza

I need a recommended safe tattoo shop though as hygiene and skill are important

Anyone help?x
Get it done when you get back home. Ask around for a good tattooist and you should´nt have any problems. You don´t need to be messing around taking care of a new tattoo when you are on holiday.
Sorry about your dad.
i had one done a couple of months back in Nirvana in san an town, they were very professional, so much so that when im back next week im getting a further addition to it as it was too big to get done in one go.

My advice though is to get it done on your last day of the hols as you need to keep it out of the sun and take real good care of it, also try and not to get the area that you are planning to get a tattoo on sunburnt as this will be very painful and will effect the outcome of the job.

I had a look at naxas also in san an town but just didnt get the right feel for the artist