best places to stay?



where are the best places to stay in ibiza? is it better to stay in ibiza town, or no? some criteria to consider:
1. fairness of price
2. hotel/apartment quality
3. proximity to clubs and bars
4. proximity to the beach
5. the view
6. where are the women???

thank you.
I've only been once so I can only tell you about one place, which is Poniente apartments in North West San An:

1) I don't know the price of the accomodation on it's own but I paid £197 for a week including flight, transfer and insurance.

2) The apartments were quite basic, but everything worked, they were spacious, clean and we had two balconies.

3) We were very close to the sunset bars on Calo Des Moro, but to get to the clubs you have to go past the West End so we often got taxis to wherever we went because we didn't want the bother of walking through the West End at night. It's not bad for getting to Eden or Es Paradis, but if you want to get to the clubs in San Rafael, Ibiza Town and Playa Den Bossa then it's a bit of a trek. (Not that you'd walk anywhere out of San An!)
There's a bar downstairs though that's very cheap, plays fairly good music and normally has a good atmosphere.

4) A couple of hundred metres away to beaches that weren't packed like the ones outside Cafe Del Mar etc...

5) The view from the apartments was a bunch of a**e - dirty streets and what looks like an intended building site right out the front of the block. (I say intended because it looks like they're ready to dig but went off the idea)

6) Having a balcony was great for this - you could sit there on 'scan mode' watching them all walk by...
There were also a fair number of nice looking ladies in the apartments as well that sat in the bar or went on the Twenty's events.

Hope that helps a bit.

- Dave
San An is Proper cheap, but dirty and you get what you pay for. Many regret it!!! Ibiza Town is on the other end of the scale, but near loads of good bars, clubs (El Divino and Pacha). A nice Middle point, is Playa D'en Bossa. This has short walking distance from Space and Bora Bora, and a good 24hr bar "Ancient People". This is a looong walk to Ibiza Town or a tiny cab ride(£5), and a long(£15) cab ride to San An. A lot depends on what you want. San An is full of beerboys shagging Sharon and Tracey and then beating them up after they get sicked on (sorry!). Ibiza Town is classy, but with women who could be seen to be up their own arse (picky and unapproachable i mean). Playa D'en Bossa, again, is a combo. A lot of nice girls (or are they?), but full of people aaaaattuvvit (if you cant get off your head in ibiza though, where can you??? Yeeeaaaahhh).

I stayed in Es Vive (the posh-y one in fuengeretas inbetween PDB and IT), and Jet apartments in PDB, and , to be honest, Jet was the nuts. I didn't use the appartments in my 7 days in each, apart from grabbing a couple of hours kip. They both did this amply well, but Jet rooms were much much much bigger, with a sea view, right next to cool 24hr bar Ancient People, space and Bora Bora, and a bit cheaper. In general, its hard finding a hotel that isnt only a short walk from the beach or on it.
We stayed at Hotel Goleta, 144 euros a night which includes full breakfeast and dinner buffett. (Great food) The hotel is close to everything. A five minute walk to Bora Bora, 10 minutes to Space and if you dare a 25 minute walk to Ibiza Town. The bus stops right in front of the Hotel if you choose not to hike it. The staff is excellent and the hotel is a completely full service.
You can find an ATA machine, two pools, two bars, nightly entertainment, rent a car, day trips to Formentera can be arranged right there. There's even a market right next door for booze, snacks, t shirts etc. And the hotel is right on the beach! If you need a cab, they will call one for you.
Very clean, quiet, etc. That'll be my choice next time around!

I have been to Jet aptos twice. I fully agree with the above. If i wasn't at a party or at space in the morning i spend my day at bora bora and in the evening at ancient people. If you like a day of i recommend you hire a bed next to the ancient people pool you get served drinks all day by the ancient people employees.
when i was there we stayed in really gash apartments round in san an bay. think im goin back for the opening parties and this time we're plannin on stayin in the jet apartments in playa d'en bossa just from all the good reports we've heard about it(not just on this page).
great info

This is great info for us newbie's...

ON my way in July 2003!!
If non-stop clubbing and drinking is what you want, then San Antonio is the place for you. I went there last summer with my mates and had a really good time, lots of drinks, girls and laughs.

San Antonio is cheaper than most of the other places in Ibiza (but not necessarily the drinks prices!!!) but it is also more dirty and there are plenty of beer boys around, like someone said earlier you get what you pay for!

San An is a place for non-stop party and drinking. It doesn't pretend to be anything else, and if you want a slightly quieter time with a better class of punters then San An is not for you. If you want a wide choice of all action bars on your doorstep, are prepared to put up with some of the neanderthals and like the idea of being in the same town as Eden and Es Paradis and only being a short ride from Amnesia and Privilege then San An IS the place for you.

I can't really speak for Ibiza Town or Playa d'en Bossa, I'll let the others do that for you. Next year I will be returning to Ibiza, and will be going back to San Antonio. Next year though I intend to venture a little further and explore the wonders of Ibiza Town and d'en Bossa a little more.

Hope this helps?
I have always stayed in Cala Llonga before now. It is a quiet resort, giving a chance to escape from the hedonism around the island.

Unfortuantely, it is small and there's not a lot to do. Also, everywhere closes at midnight.

So, if I went back, I would try to stay in somewhere like Santa Eularia.

It is big enough to have a wide range of shops, restaurants etc... has a beautiful harbour, is by the beach and has excellent bus links to Ibiza Town and San Antonio.

Many of the restaurants and bars have DJs on until 2am ish too, so it's nice for some entertainment while chilling from the clubs.

Oh, and it's quite cheap too.

yeah cala llonga is a very nice place, but it can be very quite, mainly a family orientated place, nice if u want to crash out on the beach, the beach is very nice, the hotels are big and all inclusive, but santa eularia is nearby and that has got some great cafes, bars, etc and has a more cosmoploitan mix,

i reccomend going to Royalty's cafe and sit outside, watching the hussle and busy of ibiza go past, while having a coffee and one of there wonderful cakes.

OMG I can't believe people rate Jet, I've stayed there a couple of times, the location is fab but the actual apartments themselves are cack. One year wasn't too bad, they were basic but clean, but there was no air-conditioning, you were meant to be able to pay a supplement for this but it wasn't working :rolleyes: but they were ok but I wouldn't recommend staying there for more than a wk. Then we went back to Jet this year and OMG the room was absolutely disgusting, it was dirty, I think the maids came in once during the whole wk :evil: and the whole place stank. It didn't spoil the holiday cos as I said the location is fab and you tend to spend so little time in your room but I would never ever stay at Jet again.

I've been to Ibiza 9x and stayed at various apartments/hotels, the nicest I stayed at were the Bahia in San Antonio Bay, really nice new apartments if you want to stay on that side of island.

It all depends on what you're after, if you don't mind basic accomodation you'll be fine in Jet, but at my age I like a few home comforts :p

once again this is based on personal opinons, evrybodies different, some what full on drinknig, some want full on clubbing, and some want full on nice beachs and restaurants, you can have all of this, but just remember wherever you stay, you are lucky to be in ibiza!!