Best places to Chill out/recover during the day



Just wondering if you folks had some recommendations for places to hang out and just chill during the day, preferably in Ibiza town or nearby?

Also preferably with plenty of friendly people around, as I'm going to be there on my own :( , so some company would be nice :)

Basically what to do when not dancing or grabbing a couple of hours kip during the day ;)

hey, i'm in the same spot: solo in ibiza for my first time. too bad we'll miss each other. I plan to go to the beaches, Bora bora sounds like so much fun, or go shopping/sightseeing in Ibiza town. plus there's always purchasing tickets for the clubs that night, save you some money. I don't know there's plenty to do. scope this site, it'll have some stuff
8) Just go to ANY beach man..... have some fruit and enjoy the views
Depends where you are ....

San An .. go to Kanya ... seemed really lively in the day whilst we were out there and I am SURE you will make conversation there ... otherwise .. go just along the way to Coastline ... very Hed Kandi ..

Kanya, Coastline - can't go wrong

IMO Coastline is the best place to chill during the day - then moving round the bay to Kumharras in the evening...