Best named venue in Ibiza?

agree, i think Pacha sounds very posh too - and Bambuddhas grove (name of restaurant) sounds very xclusive as well....Amnesia sounds a bot too - lets loose it to pills and booze and out haha!
is that where you go? :lol:

whoops - what a giveaway.

how else do you think i maintain my 80's quiff and baby soft skin?

where do you go for your beauty treatments mackie??????
Probably it's a silly question but...
how do you pronounce DC10? I mean in english (DCTEN) or in spanish (DCDIEZ)?
I pronounce it in English most of the time. In Spanish if I’m speaking to the taxi driver who’s taking me there. ;)
how about the worst named venue? :eek:

my vote goes to the chillout bar happy budha mar in cala vadella!! :confused:


This year our flight got messed up and we ended up flying in too late for DC10.

What plane did we fly in on.

A McDonnel Douglass DC10.

Is was without doubt one of the worst planes i've ever been on. I'd have felt safer in a Cessna.