Best 'less well known/smaller' club nights in Ibiza


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What are the better 'smaller' or less well-known club nights in Ibiza this year. I know about the Cream's, Underwater, Subliminial, Renaissance, Sanchez, Cocoon etc, but what are some of the smaller, less publicised nights and clubs which are worth going to.

Are these smaller clubs/nights worth going to? or am i better off sticking to the big names. I don't just wanna go to a smaller night for the sake of doing something different.......if they are good nights in their own right, then i'll consider them.

In terms of samller and/or cheaper nights you might like to try Bora Bora, Pin Up, Ancient People, Underground, DC10. Though from what I gather these nights are busier each season. Both entry and drinks prices are much lower than the big clubs
Go to the Underground club in San Rafel between Amnesia and Privilege. Didn't manage to get there when I as on the island but only heard good things about it.

Check out PinUp too if you can find a decent enough night to go to there, probably Garlands.
Hey there,

Just got back and I checked out a few different nights this time, as well as the usual musts like Space on Sunday and Sanchez@Pacha.

Pin Up - I went to Soul Heaven on the Wednesday. Unfortunately it was a bit quiet. However it is a decent venue and the Prices are reasonable 15 euros entry on the door and a round of 2 drinks was 13 euros.

Underground was dead every time I went (3x), I mean like on a Saturday night at 1 am there was one other car in the car park!

KM5 is still kicking and worth a visit, drinks are pricey but not door charge.

Also checking out the more local Spanish nights is well worth it. I left Pin Up and went to La troya Assesina/Espuma at Amnesia (wednesday) - I was amazed by this night. First of all I have never seen that club so packed (not even for Cream!), second it is cheaper than usual, we paid 25 euros, and although it is billed as a Gay night, it is very mixed and on the Espuma side almost entirely straight. DJ oliver is amazing (possibly one of the best DJ's on the island) and the Espuma (foam Party) is spectacular and should defo be an Ibiza experience not to be missed. Plus it was nice to get away from the mainly British crowds of some of the 'main' club nights. Spanish people know how to party!

I also think the new Base bar in the port is cool and not that pricey.

Hope you have a good one! Wish I was still there!