Best hotels for young clubbers


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Going to Ibiza summer 2010 and having a look around various websites for good deals.

Want to stay in San Antonio and be near the busy bar action (West End?)

What hotels would you recommend a group of guys in early 20s to stay? Only thing I would say is not keen on Ibiza Rocks Hotel though. But something similar.

Cheers :)
go on. i'll bite. you don't want ibiza rocks but you want something similar? what similar features do you want and which do you not want?
These days you're probably better off in Playa den Bossa as a lot of things are moving there.
Maybe Hotel Garbi
As good as some of the beach bars may be on Playa den Bossa, they can be a bit pricey, coupled with the fact that he was asking about places near the west end in San An I think Garbi might be out,wallet wise.