Best hotel price/quality???


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It's my 7th time in Ibiza this year and the previous years I stayed allready in Goleta, Algarb and Don Toni. This year I would like to stay in a nicer place and maybe someone can recommend me something? Which hotel is the best when you consider price and quality on the island?

Thanks in advance!!!!!
Are you planning on staying in Playa Den Bossa, or could it be elsewhere? (I don't know much about hotels elsewhere, but others will).

When you say you want to stay in a 'nicer place' what do you mean, just higher quality? When I was there a few weeks ago, the fairly new hotel next door to a disco ('Martina disco' or something like that? :confused:) was very nice inside and out. Is that Garbi or Algarb?

Fiesta-wise, You say you've stayed in Don Toni before, well Fiesta's flagship for the area Palladium Palace is a about 5 minutes further walk out of PDB - most Fiesta guests can eat in other Fiesta hotels, but not in PP, so I assume the food is higher class. The hotel itself is again higher 'quality' than Don Toni et al, with two swimming pools in different areas, one with fountains etc, and pools have actual double beds on the ground with proper white linen and everything. Depends on your cup of tea I guess, it was a bit quiet there when I walked round, I love all the noise at Club Don Toni personally, whenever I've stayed in really posh hotels anywhere in the world I've found they lacked atmosphere...
I think I wil be staying in Don Toni again, because it's true, the atmosphere is ok there. And most of all, the most important thing is being there in Ibiza, the rest is not that important. I'm looking forward to it, I really missed the white island all year long...
I should say that Roberto Playa in Figurettas is quite cheap and moderate. Very cheap, nicely located, contains a closet and the cleaning woman was kinda hot and one of the girls in the reseption was really really nice. I have no idea did they have any breakfast and how it was but the hotel is located near McDonalds and a shop.
Palladium Palace if you have the money.bit far out but top hotel.but like said depends what you are really looking for in a hotel.Garbi is very popular at the moment

scarletjim thats the one next to Martina disco.i reviewed this hotel last june, opening night.also the bahamas is very good refit as well.and private viewing as well..really gonna be the place to stay soon.but migjorn has just had a massive refit.had a viewing the other in rooms.