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Ive got moscow w/deepdish and ibiza w/sacha. are there any better one's?
deep dish toronto Rules , i was there so...................
yeah but ithe GU CDs aren't actually the sets from the gigs, they're just "inspired" by the cities in question......I find I'm quite partial to the second Darren Emerson one (Uruguay is it?)

Deep Dish Moscow is prob the best one.....

Danny Tenaglia in Athens is prob a close second!!!
Followed by Sasha in Ibiza...
They are all brill! have to mention sasha in san francisco and john digweed x 2 - hong kong and LA. Dave Seaman in melbourne is fab - highly recommend!! James Lavelle in Barcelona is great 2 - tho took me a while 2 get into.

Ooooohhhh must get deep dish in toronto - moscow was amazing - that "give me some silence" tune - superb!!!
diggers LA is my fav
sander k nubreed is close second
dave seaman cape town CD1 is my fav CD for all round, whatever the occasion, always put it on and its a winner, at home trance listening ;-)