Berlin, Where Are The Good Tranceclubs?


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Hello People

Once again I have Q´s for you.

Have you ever been to Berlin? If yes, where schould I go clubbing if I prefer trance and progressive stuff? Where on the net can I find info about various DJ´s playing there?

Im going in the last weekend in June, and I need info, since it´s my first visit.

Also I need info about some cool warm-up places/bars/chillout places.
Cool, i've always wanted to go to Berlin but my friend who i ususally stay with in Germany lives in Stuggart and he never want to go. Gotta get me up there next time. You must give me a review when you gets back. Have fun girl!! :D
Yeah , sorry i cant help you there. Always wanted to go to the Love Parade in July though. Another one to put on my to do list... :rolleyes:
best choice! Kurfürstendamm is definetly the most exciting street in Berlin - and you can get anywhere you want easily with public transport from there.
Tresor is in downtown Berlin, not very far away from Kurfürstendamm...(about 15 min by car)