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  1. aregandj

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    I am going to be going to Berlin solo for a week at the start of next year and just wondered if anyone could help with a couple things! Flying out Friday morning and back either late Sunday night or Early Monday and want to get atleast 2 of the below in!

    1. Obviously Berghain/Panarama speaks for its self! Done plenty of research on this place so need to give it ago even though I’m not holding much hope! Gto let my beard grow out maybe get a henna tattoo to get a more rustic look! But hey ain’t expecting to get in here due to be a short youngish British guy, hence growing the beard out:confused:

    Although I’ve heard on Fridays if just panorama bar is open for let’s say Get Perlonized it’s a lot easier than when berghain is open, is this true? As I’m looking to go the first Friday in March and attempt entry for that event first.

    2. Club Der vissionare / Hoppestose - after Berghain CDV is the Club I most want to visit and I follow CDV on Facebook and when you go to the website/page it lists all their events at Hoppestose which I know is their sister club and litteraly next door/opposite but what’s the deal with this are they closed at present or do they just not announce listings at all? Also this appears to be the most confusing with working out when it’s actually open as it seems they have events every day of the week with no clearly opening/closing hours, I know this is Berlin so closing times don’t exactly exist! So any help on opening times/days for this would be great.

    Also like berghain what’s the door policy like at both CDV and Hoppetosse is it really hard?

    3. Tresor - what’s the door policy like, from what I hear it’s much easier and more relaxed and operates more like a conventional club with events Friday Saturday Sunday.

    4. Watergate - Not really heard much in terms of door policy here other than they like girls and boys so being a solo male would I have no chance? Also opening hours, this appears to be your more conventional club system?

    Any help/advice on this would be great and do correct me if I’m wrong with any of the above!! Will be first time in Berlin so would like an idea of what I’m up against wouldn’t want to come home having not got into anywhere!
  2. stivi

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    CDV is shut in winter. hoppetosse only in winter.

    watergate is sometimes also tricky on the door, depends on the night.
  3. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Thanks stivi! Do you know what month it opens back up in? And what the door policy is like for CDV and Hopp?
  4. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Happy Fistmas is running in December;) should be ok getting in with a beard
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  5. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    "Twas the night before fistmas and all through your ass not a creature was stirring not even your gas":eek:.. best give that one a miss aregandj..
  6. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    not exactly sure, april or may? maybe easter? getting in is easy I‘m told. and I never had issues getting into hoppetosse
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  7. deno85

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    Make a research from resident advisor and check who are the dj...sometimes they ask a question about dj.. (they ask us @watergate)
  8. lee111s

    lee111s Well-Known Member

    IPSE on the opposite side of the canal to CDV is decent.

    Chalet is in the same place too, just a few hundred metres away.

    Suicide circus is worth a go if you don’t get into Berghain, again it’s pretty close by.
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    Lovely cheers!!
  12. aregandj

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  13. deno85

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    Only bad things about berlin night life is strict door policy...
    I went ipse watergate sisyphos and berghain with my wife...we entered watergate and ipse...I saw many people turn away from door which people are looking okey...
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  15. aregandj

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    Nice one! May check this out if berghain is a no goer what’s the general music policy?! Flights are all booked for this now Friday 2nd March :p:D
  16. craig72

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  17. Browny

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    Eats Everything & Charlotte De Witte headling Cocoon @ Watergate :eek:
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  18. soha

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    Odd headliners for cocoon

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