Before heading to the clubs......



Hi! This'll be my first time in Ibiza, does anyone know which bars to hit before heading to the clubs? (Besides Cafe del Mar in San Antonio?) Anything in Ibiza town?
i prefer the new k-ube bar!! 8)

Here a few good bars
San An I'd only go to Bar M or the one that is next to it they are ok
The whole area of Ibiza Town around Dalta Villa is really good and full of interesting bars.
My faves are Rock Bar and Base bar because u can often find some good Dj's playing there. Pach bar is good too. Doma has a mixed Gay straight crowd and is mainly a place to sit outside.
The Delfin is quite good too
But definitely explore Dalt Villa, its very maze like but you will find lots of interesting places.
Also Pago Pago and Bora Bora ( they like to repeat themselves in Bossa )
in Playa den Bossa.
most of the bars above arn't that cheap but they usually have a good crowd there
There are plenty of cheaper places around, and if u want to pay 1 euro for a bottle of san migpiss a free shot and a glass of sangria then head of to san an and join in the fun!
That was quick!
Thanks for the info guys :)

Is it easy to find reduced admission flyers for the clubs (Space, Pacha, Amnesia, etc.) in Ibiza Town?
dont worry about not getting the flyers, youll be weighed down with them, cramming them into your suitcase on the way home, ive still got loads its like looking at holiday pics they bring back all the memories, ive still got some there from 95 or 96
didn't the bar next to bar M used to called coastal or something
I havn't been to Bar M since 99
It looks different now its Itaca
I had heard that Base Bar had moved to further up the port and into bigger premises.
But I don't know for definite as the website hasn't been updated.
Used to like Base Bar but its just gets too busy, it has lost that friendly vibe i think.

Love Dome Bar though, just for the setting.

(wouldn't go without the missus though :confused: )
I agree with base being too busy and thats why they have moved to bigger premises so that should make it a bit better.
But being a Bi girl especially going with my girlfriend then Dome is gonna be good, although most bars around there are gonna be fine as they are very mixed anyway.
that guy called robo has written something about base on here, look near the top
The old venue is open under a different name.