Bed Sheffield - June



14th Big beat boutique X/press 2 / Jon Carter
28th - Erick Morillo

And i thought June was gonna be a cheap month :rolleyes:

Dont think i'll be going to Erick as i've got a stag do in the Dam lined up that weekend :D :evil: but X/press 2 sound tempting...... :eek:
Thought you'd pop up in this thread with Erick and Jon mentioned :p :lol:

Really dont know what to do...Erick want as good as hoped in April at Bed, but it would be a damn site cheaper than a weekend in the Dam and if he plays a blinder i'll be gutted if i wasnt there :confused:
Well I'll be seeing him on Weds before @ Pacha, I'll e-mail you afterwards to let you know if he's managed to buy any new records yet lol :p
N8 said:
Sorted :D

I'll PM you my addy b4 then.......

I'll do my best but I worry about my ability to work a computer in Ibiza lol :lol: I might just have to text you a YAY no NAY!!!
I took my phone out to space last year cause some of my mates stayed in bed and didnt come so i needed to ring em later to get them to get their ar£es down there or they'd have stayed in bed all day :rolleyes:

Managed to txt/ring about five people back in the Uk as well and talk complete sh1te to them so i'm told and also let some random germans i made friends with use my phone :rolleyes: :lol: :evil:

I was oranges best friend that month :lol: