bear with me on this one...camelpacks



right i aint mad but there is this thing about called a camel pack...basically its like a tight neoprine back pack which u fill with water and have like a wee tube thing....2-3 litres of water at one the amount of water i will be drinking is it worth getting one and cing if u can get into the club with it in a hope of saving £30 a night (for me) on water?? or am i just mad
You are right in your description of it, I used one when I was in the forces when we went on long marches.
I think it would be more of a hinderence than anything, because if you are wearing it close to your skin you will probably get friction burns from all the boogie`in you are doing :confused:
Nice idea though ;)
Good idea I suppose, but I think the doormen would be interested in having a look what's in your bag.
i dont like the idea of putiing the tube in your mouth every 5 mins to get a drink out of it either,look more like your on some type of misiion rather than havin a good time!
wouldn't it be warm very quickly? If youre skint you could just drink the tap water in the toilets. It's not harmful, just not very pleasant. Why not start drinking it in your hotel during the day to get used to the taste?
cheers rusty u might well be right for drinking tap water i not gonna be skint at all but i resent spending £5 for a bottle of water