Basement Jaxx


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There's been a lot of slating on here of these people lately (I hate their music now but used to like them) well..... WTF was that I just saw on Jools Holland show :?:
Yoko Ono has done far too many trips in her time. What a fruitcake!

true although behind that eccentric facade also lies a ruthlessly manipulative, cruel and commercially savvy woman who has milked her 'cool' renaissance for all it is worth.

that said, props to her for 'walking on thin ice' - the anane version is amazing and a perennial feature on my ipod.

as for basement jaxx, not much to rant about really (not sure I can really comment in a faith stylee without being hauled over the coal again by Stephen :lol: ) just a really lame mark ronson-esque track (the sort of thing Ronson himself would probably have left on the cutting floor) performed by some session artist gimp in a webbed t-shirt needlessly rolling around on the floor like rambo under fire from the vietcong. Again, they're astute, they know how to adapt to their ever-mutating fanbase - you can't really begrudge them their success - and any electronic music at all getting on bbc tv these days is a major coup (how long ago normski/dance energy seems now!)

it's just kinda sad for those of us who remember the early jaxx - who in the late 90s, along with daft punk, cajmere, the chems and sneak made dance music exceptionally exciting again.

''She's No Good''.......''Because I'm into cock and she's about twice my body weight anyway''