Basement Jaxx

they were ace 1995-2001, steep decline ever since

'samba magic' 'eu nao' & 'rendez vu' are still firm faves of mine though.
They are awesome live. One of the most fun concerts I've seen. And one of the best live dance acts.
I saw them in Barcelona at Sala Apolo in 1999 at the height of their success with remedy - it was trully stunning, carnival/ragga/sneak all fused together to create a carnivalesque show complete with feathered Brazilian dancers and big fat divas, cod-flamenco and moments of real humour. Felix and Simon are diamond - really cut their teeth on the South London circuit and those parties would definitely have appealed to the house fans on here. I just felt by the time Rooty came out in 2001 they had gone too mainstream - 'where's your head at' was way too commercial for me and became a chris moyles anthem (the ultimate kiss of death by any yardstick) Then by 2004, they seemed immersed in a big identity crisis - I saw them again at Hammersmith and they released a half-decent track with Dizzee Rascal, but it felt like they were trying too hard to distance themselves from their house roots and embrace the yoof market, so I kind of lost interest really, although despite my misgivings, I do recognise they remain a formidable live force.