BARS & CLUBS - winter 09/10

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:arrow: BARS & CLUBS - winter 08/09
cala jondal / las salinas

:arrow: boutique hostal salinas (closed jan/feb/mar)
sat - lailo lolailo with live flamenco music [from 1pm]
sun - sunday sessions with david phillips+guets [from 1pm]
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playa den bossa

:arrow: albatros
:arrow: big ben
:arrow: delano (closed during jan/feb/mar)
fri/sat/sun - justin field+guests
:arrow: funkafe (closed jan/feb/mar)
:arrow: marina's
:arrow: martina (one-offs)
:arrow: shardana (closed jan/feb/march)
thu - aperitive in music
:arrow: sirocco (closed jan/feb/mar)
:arrow: top 21
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es vivé / figueretas

:arrow: amadeus
:arrow: BLU
:arrow: chaos
:arrow: comic
:arrow: coolture cafe (closed jan/feb/mar)
:arrow: es pas (till late november)
:arrow: father jacks
:arrow: kronoss (till december)
thu - noche de humor with stand-up comedians
sat - latin music
sun - imagine salsa
:arrow: moby dicks
:arrow: prince
:arrow: salon tropical (latin music)
:arrow: saxo (rock)
:arrow: SOMNI
:arrow: turkyno
:arrow: xenon
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ibiza town

:arrow: brujas
:arrow: cafe del soto
fri - just house [december] / friday with miss luna+guests
sat - mezclum with james kameran+joe peralta+guests [december] / .....​
:arrow: DAKOTA *new*
:arrow: el club (till early january)
:arrow: el desván
:arrow: embassy
:arrow: itaka

daily - live music
:arrow: la cava *new*
wed - LaNu with sarah main+guests [from february]
:arrow: la nit
:arrow: mei
:arrow: molambo (latin music)
:arrow: mystic
:arrow: otro bar
:arrow: siniva (till late december)
fri - morpheo with jorge cruz+guests​
:arrow: tal y cual
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dalt vila / sa penya / la marina

:arrow: 22
:arrow: ak pepua
fri - intergroup with sosa+guests
:arrow: alegria
:arrow: aramon
:arrow: demiedo (rock)
wed - radio babylonia with dj alvaro
:arrow: es passadis (till mid-january)
:arrow: ethno (till december)
wed - after work with iban mendoza+guests
:arrow: hector's bar (till late february)
:arrow: ispirto
sun - tabasco with lazerus+guests
:arrow: JJ bar (gay)
:arrow: la muralla (gay)
:arrow: la nada (gay, closed feb/mar)
:arrow: la oveja negra
:arrow: la tierra
:arrow: leon (gay)

:arrow: lo cura (closed jan/feb/mar)
:arrow: lola's
:arrow: monalisa
:arrow: red lounge (gay)
:arrow: sunset cafe
:arrow: teatro pereyra
mon/tue/wed - live music
thu - cocktail de risas with stand-up comedians + live music
fri/sat - live music
sun - CLOSED

:arrow: tirapallá
thu - bisexuality [from march]
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ibiza nueva / marina botafoch / talamanca

:arrow: bombay lounge
fri/sat - dj lazerus+guests
:arrow: EL HOTEL
:arrow: GRIAL
:arrow: hostal talamanca
:arrow: izay (till mid-december)
tue - cobi novas+guests
thu - freak beats with mark font+maxim+guests
sat - funky music all times with gael
sun - cobi novas+guests​
:arrow: keeper
thu - c'an dance with java+dj oliver+jose the end+guests
fri - do you remember music?
sat - love house music
:arrow: la kokotxa (rock)
:arrow: PACHA
:arrow: sushipoint
tue - the collective with olli odd+wrong tong+guests [from mid-april]
wed - freakout with maxim+mark font [from mid-february]
thu - ( various )

fri - ( various )
sat - after dinner with iban mendoza+guests
sun -
( various )
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:arrow: la santa (closed jan/feb)
fri - y olé!
sat - marc canovas+guests
:arrow: sade
:arrow: taste
sat - angel cielo [till december]
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north east

:arrow: AURA
:arrow: bar toni in cala llonga
thu - live music
:arrow: brisa de la mar (till late december)
sun - live music [from 3pm]
:arrow: can cires in san mateo
thu - live music
:arrow: GUARANA
:arrow: LAS DALIAS
:arrow: mariners
sun - erisalsa live
:arrow: monkey bar *new*
:arrow: murphy's (till early november)
sat - lock in with bekka rawkins+fred everywhere+nathan coles+guests​
:arrow: namibia lounge caffe
fri - live jazz music
sat - live flamenco music
:arrow: ocho (closed during april)
sat - johnny la plage+guests [from late january]
:arrow: raffles
:arrow: ria's chiringuito
sun - live music [from 3pm]
:arrow: rumours *new*
:arrow: sandy's
:arrow: sansara (closed during jan/feb)
fri - latin music
sat - various
sun - erisalsa live
:arrow: zen sea
fri/sat/sun - efrain navarro+miguel martin [from late march]
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san antonio

:arrow: azucar
:arrow: boulevard
:arrow: don quijote
:arrow: dream
thu - la noche de paramount comedy with stand-up comedians
:arrow: eden (one-offs)
:arrow: es cantó
weekends - live music
:arrow: es paradis (one-offs)
:arrow: fishermans
:arrow: GALA NIGHT
:arrow: golden buddha
:arrow: inercia
:arrow: island cafe
:arrow: ITACA
:arrow: la torre (closed feb/mar)
:arrow: melody
:arrow: pinguin (rock)
:arrow: putumayo cafe
sun - live music
:arrow: rey de copas (till late december)
:arrow: round table
:arrow: willow tree
weekends - live music
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west end

:arrow: acanthus (rock)
:arrow: boozer

:arrow: casanova
:arrow: cat & parrot
:arrow: chicago
:arrow: chupitos [london pub during the summer]
:arrow: colon (rock)
:arrow: dub (hip hop)
:arrow: dune
:arrow: es recó d'angel
:arrow: HOGAN'S ROCK
:arrow: huddle bar
:arrow: kedamos (rock, till late january)
:arrow: la noche
fri - stand-up comedians
:arrow: mermaid
:arrow: people
:arrow: ship inn
sat - live music
:arrow: soul city
thu - ( various )
fri - up and down with dj mdk / .....
sat - amazoone with rickzor+rumme+guests / .....
sun - ( various )​
:arrow: that bar
:arrow: tropicana (closed jan/feb/mar)
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the bay

:arrow: bar-me
:arrow: beverly
:arrow: moby dick
fri - y tú ¿de qué te ríes? with stand-up comedians
:arrow: sam's green mile
:arrow: winchs
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san jose

:arrow: can jordi
sat - live music
:arrow: es mirador
sun - jazzybiza sextet live [from 4pm]
:arrow: racó verd
thu - live rock music
fri - live flamenco music
sat -
balearia with andy wilson
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Delano Winter Program - Opening Friday 23rd October...!

Something new has arrived for winter!
Playa D'en Bossa's freshest and best loved late night location – Delano – gets set to open this Friday with a winter full of activities to fill your weekends right through till new year.

Transformed into a winter destination with an exciting menu addition – DELANOODLE – brings you a Japanese noodle bar right onto Playa D'en Bossa beach.
From 8pm till midnight sample the delicious and tastily priced variety of noodles: ramen soups, miso, hot and spicy curry noodles or mouthwatering teriyaki steaks all starting at 7€ a dish.
Served with sticky rice, warm sake and Japanese beers in a canteen style perfect for cosying up with friends on these dark winter evenings.

Right on the beach but with toasty heating and the Delano's killer sound system, post dinner fun comes in a range of tastes carefully curated by our resident Justin Field.
Friday nights - D A N C E - will be rowdily hosted by the Delano summer residents of System of Survival (IANVS71, Circo Loco), Nima Gorji (Welt), Manu-L (M+H, Monza) and Enzo Siragusa (FUSE) on rotation.
Saturdays - L O U N G E - feature the more laid back house vibes of island favourites such as Ernesto Altes (S'hort Records) , Hofer 66 (SENSE), or Jonathan Tena.
And on Sundays – nothing – or at least as little as possible, once the Delano Sunday Roast has filled your stomachs, kick back and chill out to some beautiful Balearic vibes whilst enjoying the stunning view of Bossa in winter.....and maybe just one more hierbas...

As usual you can listen to Delano live all winter on, become our friend and keep up to date with all our goings-on at and new for winter, check out our radio show on on Thursdays from 20.00 till 21.00.

Coming up....

Friday 23 October – DELANOODLE followed by Justin Field & System of Survival
Saturday 24 October – DELANOODLE followed by S.E.N.S.E with Hofer 66 & guests
Sunday 25 October – The Sunday Roast with Talking Balearics & guests

Friday 30 October – DELANOODLE followed by Justin Field & Adicto (Vinyl Club)
Saturday 31 October – DELANOODLE Pre-dinner with Rock Nights – Colin Peters & Lost Angeles
Sunday 1 November – The Sunday Roast with Talking Balearics & guests

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