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Easyjet have just announced they are starting a new flight from Newcastle to Barcelona which could be very good news for me cos of the cheap flights.
But can anybody help me with info about getting to Ibiza from Barcelona??? I've read some people say there's a ferry(?). I'd love to know how much it costs, how long it takes and how often it travels.
Any info would be greatly appreciated as some 2 or 3 day breaks could then be planned, thinking about it, you could even go 1 day and come back the next. Don't know about you but this sounds very exciting. :p

Any info would be much appreciated :D
Thanks Robo, thats great. 9 hrs seems a bit long though doesn't it? Maybe hiring a car at Barca or getting a bus to Valencia seems the best option.
Have you done it??? If so which way do you think would be best?
I'm going in September, but I can see a short break for the opening of We love Sundays on the cards.

i haven't done it, but i think it looks quite tempting sometimes, like you say if you don't fancy that then you could a plan there, but connecting flight to ibiza can be quite expensive, esp with ibieria
allow me robo..
the cost of flights from bcn to ibz is outrageously expensive. you will probably find it cheaper to book a charter in the uk than come via bcn.
yes it is a 9 hour ferry ride from bcn to ibz but the boats these days are more like cruise liners than ferries. you will save neither time nor money by going via denia...
Your Best bet is to fly Easy Jet to Madrid (2 hours), take the train to Denia (3 hours) and then take the boat (3 hours) to Ibiza. The 9 hour boat ride is a killer, especially if one of the engines is out (very common) it can take 12 hours.
especially if one of the engines is out (very common)

Mate, that sound very reasurring hehehehehe!!!!
Thanks for all the info everybody, but the fact is, it doesn't sound as appealling as it first seemed. Sorry.
I'd be just as well getting a last minute flight direct I reckon, might cost a bit more, but I'd be there in 2hrs 30mins.
Thanks again, hook.
About 2 hours from Valencia with the fast-ferry

Hi, I'm from Valencia, Spain. I've seen your comments and I gotta tell you that I have travelled to Ibiza on a fast-ferry twice (one of them on my way to Mallorca and the other to spend my vacations in Ibiza). I used the fast-ferry from Valencia to Ibiza/Mallorca, and if my memory serves me well, the trip took about 2 hours only.
The company's name is Trasmediterranea (not Trasmedittarana, Robo).

I know there's another one from Denia, which is very near Valencia, and since Denia is even nearer to Ibiza, I'm sure the trip from there in a fast-ferry takes less than 2 hours.

The tickets are cheap. I've also heard about special discounts for people who want to spend just a weekend via the big ferry including a cabin to rest. I don't remember how much time this ferry takes to cover Valencia-Ibiza, but it's not much.

For more information you can check this out:

I hope it helps!
hehehe, it doesn't matter

don't worry about it, hehehe

everybody make mistakes. Me first , for instance when I try to explain myself in English. ;)
i took the ferry this last summer when I went from Barecelona, and I just spent the whole time meeting and chatting with other people on the ferry. Its long, but its not so bad when your already drinkin with the friends you've just made.