banks in santa eulalia


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hi all, have been going to ibiza 4 or 5 times a year and now feel its time to live the dream. ihave been staying in the north but want to live & work in santa eu, am going for 4 days next week and want to know were the banks are i know they are only open till2. do you need to make apptments to see a leander ect. i do speak spanish and my boyfriend is chillian. we dont mind what work we do. we are going for good march 08. would be gratfull for eny info thanks


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I use Solbank in Santa Eu, very friendly, Speak English, Spanish , German , and probably a few others, never needed an appointment for anything, ( not borrowed anything off em yet though ) The system here is, hmm for want of a better word , nicer, they don`t hide behind big glass screens, they are helpful, you can see at least the assistant manager now, not next week, they even remember your name and you get sweet`s on the counter :)
The branch no is 0034 971338228
Have a good one
ps if you open an account mention my name, not sure what it is now , but you get a free gift for introducing someone, last winter it was a donkey jacket !!!!