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Defected Producer Competition

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DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson feat. Dama s - Dama's Salon - Defected

Returning to the Defected fold once again, Faya Combo label boss DJ Gr...

South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (2010 Remixes) - Strictly Rhythm

Roland Clark's early work Roland Clark, house music’s answer to...

Ilan Kahn - Western Killer (Mills & Kane Remix) - Bob Sinclar Digital

Western Killer (Mills & Kane Remix)

Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto feat Mavis Acquah - Step By Step - Nervous

Laidback Luke and Gregor Salto come correct with a huge hook-y vocal t...

DJ Mind - Sin Salida (Incl. Harry Choo Choo & David Tort Mixes) - Interlabel Records

DJ Mind - Sin Salida is a progressive Dancefloor Killer with a huge re...

Nicky Romero - My Friend - Spinnin

Nicky Romero "My Friend"

Christian Smith & Reset Robot - Air Miles - 100 Percent Pure

Christian Smith & Reset Robot - Air Miles

Jesse Voorn - Speed Dial - Fatal Music

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries delivering some of the...

Oliver Twizt feat. Divine - Wil Je Dansen? - Spinnin

Oliver Twizt "Wil Je Dansen?"

Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - 1998 - Wormland Black

THE STORY CONTINUES....... After a very successful year for the guys,...

Loko - The Perfect Groove - Soulman Music

Loko ,Deep House ,Tech House .House Loko has developed his own style ...

Kid Massive feat. Elliotte Williams n'Dure - Thru The Fire - Audiodamage

Audiodamage label head Kid Massive teamed up with Elliotte Williams N'...

Various Artists - Munich Disco Tech Vol. 6 - Great Stuff

Diverse but rocking as ever: Munich Disco Tech Vol. 6 with a fantastic...

Patrick Hagenaar - In Da Ass (The Remixes) - Made In NL

Patrick Hagenaar "In Da Ass (The Remixes)"

Bobby Burns - Ghettoblaster - Spinnin

Bobby Burns - Ghettoblaster

Pedro Henriques & Chris K - Just Enough - Nervous

New Nervous tune from Pedro Henriques & Chris K

Cristiano Casiraghi - Wumbai EP - A-Trax Germany

Cristiano Casiraghi "Wumbai EP"

PF Project - Sliding Door - Black Division

PF Project "Sliding Door"

Cesar Merveille, Pablo Cahn-Speyer - Descarga - Cadenza

Cesar Merveille, Pablo Cahn-Speyer "Descarga"

Ilan Bluestone - Omg! - L8-Night

Ilan Bluestone is one of the most talented up and coming producers for...

BlueSoul - Mouse Trap - Bluesoul Records

The temptation of a mouse trap cheese, is extremely lethal. Stay away ...

Electro (click here for more)

Katnip - Final Destination EP - ROCit

Check out Katnip's Final Destination EP! This EP includes 2 bonus tra...

Yacek - Slut - Shush Music

Yacek "Slut"

Tony Senghore - Dism - Anonym

Tony Senghore - "Dism"

Salgado - **** World - We Love Asere!

Salgado "**** World"

The Sloppy 5th's - Late Night Carbs - Nocturnal Recordings

The Sloppy 5th's - Late Night Carbs

National League - What Comes Around Goes Around - No Gangsters In Chicago

National League is back to the No Gangsters in Chicago label after the...

Melissa Storm - Mesmerized - Freemaison
Melissa Storm "Mesmerized"

Jason Rivas - Katamaran - Playdagroove!

Jason Rivas - Katamaran

Various Artists - Electro Freak Out Vol. 1 - Catwalk Records

(P) 2010Catwalk Records (C) 2010Catwalk Records

Various Artists - ZumoBeatz 2009 Review - Mizumo Music

Various Artists "ZumoBeatz 2009 Review"

Space Disco/Indie Dance (click here for more)

Drop The Lime feat. Carrie Wilds - Set Me Free - Trouble and Bass Recordings

Drop The Lime feat. Carrie Wilds "Set Me Free"

Various Artists - Gomma Dance Tracks E.P. 2 - Gomma Dance Tracks

Various Artists - Gomma Dance Tracks E.P. 2

Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack v.1 - Childs Play

Bassnectar "Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack v.1"

Sharam Jey - Army Of Men (Incl. Arthur Baker Remix) - King Kong

My Favorite Robot - Fascination - Mile End Records
My Favorite Robot - Fascination

Minimal (click here for more)

Jewel Kid - Gabur EP - CR2
Jewel Kid - Gabur EP

Exercise One - Several Things at Once EP - Wagon Repair

Exercise One "Several Things at Once EP"

Syntax Error - Mental Abyss EP - Snork Enterprises

Syntax Error "Mental Abyss EP"

Reggy Van Oers - Myst Ep - Tongut

Reggy Van Oers - Myst Ep

Extrawelt - Disttheme - EP - Cocoon

2010 Cocoon Recordings, 2010 Cocoon Recordings

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Progressive/Tribal (click here for more)

Pedro Henriques & Chris K - Just Enough - Nervous

New Nervous tune from Pedro Henriques & Chris K

Aurora Borealis, Tommy Marcus - Eternal Sunshine (Nacho Chapado 2010 Remixes) - Resolution

Aurora Borealis, Tommy Marcus

Tom Chris - Lunatique - EP - Pool E Music

Lunatique - EP -

Marco Magistro - No Limit - Bandito Records

Electro house update of pop classic

OTC - The Year Of The Cat - Velcro House

Velcro House single by OTC

Techno (click here for more)

Various Artists - Blackjack EP - Reldz Recordings

Various Artists "Blackjack EP"

Ortin Cam - Felt / Inner City - Mote Evolver

Ortin Cam "Felt / Inner City"

Goncalo M - Warp Slave (EP) - Keep On Techno Records
Warp Slave (EP) -

The Doktor - Techno Ass - EP - Absolutely Records

Techno Ass - EP -

Green Velvet - Lost and Found - Relief

Green Velvet "Lost and Found"

Electronica (click here for more)

Hadouken! - For The Masses - Surface Noise

Hadouken! "For The Masses"

FutureFlashs - Reach EP - Kiez Beats

Reach EP

Dionigi - Massive Attack - Quantistic Division

Dionigi "Massive Attack"

Robb Cole - You Can Fly - RC-Music Records

You Can Fly - Robb Cole is on a new height fly. His brand new song ...

Numbernin6 & Tyler C - Like You Mean It - New School Recordings

New School Recordings 5th release comes in the form of a stunningly un...

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