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there is so much jealousy here its fun


of...people who play records and organise social events on an island in Spain?! I'm 31 mon ami, maybe when I was 17 we could have ticked the jealousy box!

Now tell me you know Norman Foster and you have my envy forever.
... i helped vaughan with his iphone yesterday -
we spent the afternoon in pomelo's ...

OMG - you know "vaughan" personally ??!!??

you even "spent the afternoon" with him ??!!??

that´s amazing, just amazing ...
i´m jealous as F !

would you mind to get me an autograph please ?

i'm looking forward to vaughans birthday weekend - i know exactly what john will put on
I'm going to Cathal's bachelor party tomorrow. Should be good. Tonight, I might join Lena at a reception for Isabella Adjani, but probably not because I have to go to Vasily's art gallery for an opening and then to his dad Zurab's gallery for another event.
boo hiss... you removed icebaers photo and my reply

at least have the decency to notify readers what you're doing otherwise youre distorting the thread
you posted a pornographic photo claiming it was icebaer. i am banning you as i do all others who post pornography on this site.