BALI - Lowdown?


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I,m nipping to Bali for a wee trip next week. I've never been...although there seems to be some decent places. Although I am going alone, i wonder what is it like xyz etc...(safe) where to go etc.

Cheers, thanks for any tips


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Jon sa trinxa and Pete gooding have been playing there during the winter months.. check their Instagram loads of pictures of party's and sites
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I spent almost 3 weeks there a couple of years ago, I can't say I was over enthused by the place - but our experiences may differ! Potato Head beach bar (Seminyak) was one of the more decent places I visited on the main island with regards to music, but was also quite pricey in comparison to other places. I didn't visit bars/clubs alone as I was on a kontiki holiday so was always in a group, but when that ended I headed off to Ubud for a week.

Being a pale, blonde female travelling did nothing for me as I was continuously harrassed by "taxi" drivers asking if I needed to go anywhere. This did my head in - it started at the airport and pretty much didn't end until I was back at the airport waiting to come home. I just felt like when I was alone I was seen as some sort of money pit - and it wasn't a nice feeling. I understand they are a poor country but I am by no means rich!!

Spent a couple of nights in Kuta with friends - the strip of bars there just reminded me of Magaluf, but full of Australians. I did end up at that big club Sky Garden, which was a bit of an experience with regards to continuously getting lost!! They do seem to pull the bigger name DJs in there though.

Spent a few days on Gili Trawangnan, which was probably my most favourite bit of the holiday as there are no cars on the island so I was left alone! The nightlife there was probably the best, really laid back with a slightly more Ibiza vibe to it. No big clubs or anything though just bars.

Hope you enjoy though and you have a better experience than I did :)


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To party look up Potato Head - flying the flag well of late.

Trek down to the Bukit Peninsula (Uluwatu, Padang Padang) etc for some good surf, epic landscape/views.

Head over to Ubud to get mugged by loads of monkeys! Great fun!!

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I went there for a few days last year. For Seminyak, I enjoyed Potato Head & Ku Du Ta beach clubs, but Mrs Sippy looked good as well (they have some decent DJs at times). Also La Favella was a good bar to head to at night, seemed to be where most of the crowd ended up. Everywhere was soo much cheaper than Dubai, but I guess that's not difficult. Head to Espresso for a good coffee (obvs) and they do a mean Espresso Martini and well. Their food is also really good.

@fhmsparkle is right regarding the moped drivers - but it felt basically the same as a taxi driver beeping you in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

I also stayed in Ubud, the market is good if you want to do some local shopping. Head to No Mas bar (and the pool bar hidden behind it) for some decent drinks. If youre looking for good food to go Locavore. They own the bar across the road from it too.


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The bigger Names are also in Jenia ( Jenya ? ) in Seminyak , sometimes. In Winter you will find a lot of bigger DJs in Bali , its a part of their Asian tour. I saw Harvey anywhere but forgot where it was. You will find the dates in Internet.

Safety : There are no big safety issues ( Terrorist attacks are on a other sheet , can happen everywhere ). Safety is not a big problem there. Pickpocket problems as everywhere in tourist areas , Credit card scam , money changing scam and so on. But violence is a exception.
Transport : Use Taxis ( Cars ). Scooter transport is dangerous. They drive like idiots , accidents are very common. Saw something , who was not nice ... Don't mess with the bouncers for any reasons : They are rude. Saw something some years ago with drunken aussies , which was not fine.

Some venues :

KUDETA : Very Nice beach bar. The chief told me , some of his staff is working in Ibz now. Don't know where. HS82 was there.
Potatohead : Very nice , very impressing beach bar
La Favela : Good night fun , but no electro music ( think so ). Most impressive bar I ever saw ( and I saw much ).
The Beach bar in Uluwatu ( Ulu Cliffhouse ) : Very nice. Coxy was there last year.
Single Fin , also in Uluwatu
Woobar : Part of the W Hotel . Sometimes bigger names.HS82 was also there. Hotel with Club ( WHotel , Woo Bar ).

Otherwise have a beach walk at the evening from Kuta to Seminyak. There are nice sunset bars in a row.
I , for me , miss Ubud with the nice people there. They are more relaxed than in crowded Kuta. A lot of Backbackers , Students and
people who just want to relax. The evenings are quiet. Nice cafes in Jl Hanoman , just to sit and let the time go by.

Edit : Here are some past events as a example. Look at the names. Lot of them are in Ibz during the summer. They wanted to create a nightlife
destination for the European winter and the people from far east / Australia , some people told me. Don't know if it works.

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You can always score some beak off the Russian mafia, according to a friend who is out there. This might not constitute good advice.