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If you enjoy eating and drinking then Ibiza's the place for you! Statistics just released by the Economic and Social Council tell us that Ibiza has 471 cafeterias, 468 bars and 848 restaurants!

With the island's 124,000 population this means that there's a bar for every 132 inhabitants, much higher than the national average of 456! However, we must remember that the real population of Ibiza in the tourist season is many times higher than normal.

If every man woman and child decided to go out on the same evening 25,000 of them could squeeze into the cafes, 27,000 in the bars, and 66,000 in the restaurants, leaving a mere 6,000 outside without food or drink! Our tip would be get there early on this night.

If we look at the Balearic Islands as a whole, then 68% of these places are in Mallorca, 20% in Ibiza, 10% in Menorca and Formentera has only 2%. On the upside, Formentera, because of its small population has a bar for every 88 people.
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