Bahia San Antonio Apartments



Hey, anyone ever stayed in the Bahia San Antonio Aptmts, or know what they are like?? thanx
Andrea, :lol: Dublin
Yeah they are the bollox, definitely nicest place to stay in San Antonio Bay........good location, nice crowd, away from beer boys, good music etc etc.

I'm staying there for 2 wks from Saturday :p
We used the pool and facilities last year. It was the MOS hotel then and a clubbers paradise! Let me know what it is like this year when you get back.
oh my god the best hotel ever!

Ministry held a premier of FAst and furious whilst we stayed there and had a party with dj gee afterwards! having bought a stack of tunes whilst over there and feeling very confident the ministry rep let me play as the sun came up and all the clubbers came back in from elsewhere.
24 hour bar + absinthe = bad bad bad!!!