Baby friendly apts in San An with view of sunset

sweet sensation

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Can anyone help me please? For the first time we are thinking of going to Ibiza with an 8 month old baby and I have no idea where to stay that is baby friendly but also has a view of the sunset from our balcony.

We normally stay in apartments that people own rather than complexs but as we can only go for 5 days this is proving very difficult as most have a minimum stay of a week :confused:

We are looking to go from 30th May so Im thinking if wont be too busy around the San An area, but we also dont want to stay somewhere where our baby is going to be disturbed by 'party goers' lol!

Has anyone stayed at the Catalina above Savannah? If so would it be suitable for a baby?

Thanks in advance :D
well if you baby sleeps easy then yes.if not really need a good hotel in the bay area if your thinking of staying in san an.don;t forget 30th of may its really starts to get busy.try other hotels like fiesta. gps are ok.but i have pulled out of my hotel for years.because gps were not has good as other group.have you checked up to see if they give you cots?.plus free child places for under 1s.does it have to be san an.why not playa den bossa.

dont forget its above all the music beach bars.bang bang boom boom.
The reason we want a sunset view from our balcony is cos Sasha is asleep by 8.30pm so we would have to watch the sunset from where we are staying. Plus as we wont be going clubbing it would be nice to have an apartment with a nice view and you dont get the sunset in Playa den Bossa ;)

I wasnt sure about Catalina cos of where it was...Sasha is a pretty good sleeper once hes asleep and he can sleep through quite loud house music lol but not sure about people screaming and running through the corridors (not that ive ever stayed anywhere where thats happened!)!

I am going to ask about cots aswell, but we are getting a popup one if not.
I would advise you not to stay at the Catalina, it can be very very loud and is pretty dirty and basic tbh! Not really the best environment for a baby. I would take woodys advise and stay in the bay. I've never stayed there myself, but its obviously much more 'baby friendly' and as its only really around the corner I imagine you can see the sunset quite well?
Can i suggest "Hotel Osiris" in the bay(in our eyes the gem of the bay)....bang in the centre and with everything on your doorstep,even the buses stop outside...nice and quiet,spotlessly clean,very freindly,great food,and unbeleiveable views of the sunset from the balcony(just have to ask for that when booking)and alot cheaper than most hotels in the you can tell i was mighty impressed lol

Hope you find what your looking for...Dave.

PS,'Hotel Osiris' has a 2 star rating but if ya do ya homework you'll find it hard to find a bad review about the place and most customers rate it more as a 4 star...!
I have posted in this tread in Clubbing Open Chat but I would recommend El Coto in Cala Gracio. Its really quiet....