[b]Tune id needed!!!![/b]



Hi all board buddies :D , need a favour from your kind selfs!!! :confused:

When i was out in ibiza, at the end of october, i spent most of my days chilling down at Bar M on San An beach, they played this truly amazing tune, but when i got there CD i realised that it was a bit of a dodgy copy, hence i need YOUR help identifying this tune!!!!

It was a funky house tune, quite chilled in beat, had a female vocalist, and some of the lyrics where "IT DRIVES ME CRAZY, WHEN YOU DRIVE SO FAST................I'M GOING INSANE!!!!!", although i can't really remember if they are exactly right :rolleyes: lol, so any help id'ing the tune, and also where i could get it from would be HUGELY APPRECIATED!!!

Thanx People, and see y'all on the party isle next year! :D :D :D

OK here goes........you all ready?....... NAME THAT TUNE :lol:
I think its:

DJ Gee & Tom Neville - Put Your Foot Down And Pray

Havent heard it in a while though.
I did say i hadnt heard it in ages. :)

i only heard it once and i was thinkin he'd bought a bootlegged bora bora cd but now i'm not so sure. Readin it again, he wouldnt of heard put ur foot down and pray at bar m....
What about Roland Gift's high pitched vocals on Fine Young Cannibals

"She drives me crazy..like no-one else..she drives me crazy and I can't he-elp myself...." :confused:

HAHAHAAAA Sorry I couldn't resist it :lol: :lol:

Now I've got that dam tune locked in my head! :twisted: