[b]passport requirements for ibiza[/b]



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We have had a last minute change to our travel plans, one of our party has decided not to go so we have areplacement who is willing to take the place, however his passport expires in February 2004 which is less than the required six months validity to travel to spain. we travel out 19/09/03 and back 26/09/03

Does anyone know if the six month validity is rigid or is there some degree of flexibility as I would hate for us all to get to Ibiza customs and have him turned back.
I have already enquired with our passport ofice in UK but they are not much help other than to tell me to ring the embassy tomorrow.
I wondered if anyone had any recent similar problems and if they managed to sort them.
I dont think he fancies taking a day off work to go to the passport office in person to get a new passport. :confused:
think he should be ok. Not sure why ur friend wouldnt want to take a day off work tho! ;) :lol:
I think its because he will have to convince his boss to let him have another week off, he's just returned from majorca (two weeks0 and was away in jamaica (two weeks) about 4 month ago...ah the life of a single bloke again eh.
Still I'm sure when luck was dished out he got in the queue a few times and I'm sure he will land on his feet as always...the sod

Either way u got loads of time to sort it (in my time zone anyways). I applied for my passport 15 days before I left, and my mate got his the day before!

Peak seasons over now so he should get it in 2weeks, unless he pays arounf £70, then he can get it done on the spot :p