[b]anyone know hotel pacific????????????????????????????????


ibiza sisters

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the hotel pacific in san antonio?
yep, just come back! The hotel is nice, the only thing is there is no air conditioning and no fridge so had to cool the beers in the bath!! I had a great time there, great people, nice staff, good pool and a great atmosphere. Good location aswell, quite central to everything! Wish I was still there :cry:
my brother stayed here last year, its just before the egg and opposite the march. its ok, has a high count of beer boys tho. Could be worse- but all in all decent. Enjoy! ;)
Going on Saturday, staying there 1 week.. and aslong as it has a bed & shower.. w'ere happy!! :D
I stayed there in 2001 and had a blast ......you'll enjoy it....the staff are superb and the pool is pretty good too.....JMO ;)
Got back, & Its a great hotel - yeah its basic, but its clean.. the staff are LOVLEY! (esp, the old geezer at the reception - bless his cotton socks!).. Def, reccommend it!! Had an amazing time!!