Azuli brings secret ibiza to london


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On 8th November Club Azuli are recreating the vibe of their widely acclaimed Secret Ibiza beach parties at a secret location in Central London. This exclusive party is not to be missed. Expect to see the cool and the colourful make the effort to find the party and rediscover some of that original magical clubbing vibe. As in Ibiza, the location of the party will only be revealed by text message the day before it happens, adding to the excitement.

Of course, in Ibiza there were many elements that made the parties special; the beach locations and stunning scenery for example. However, what really made these parties the talk of the island was the unique feeling, the atmosphere and the stylish crowds of party people that made the effort to discover them. And just as in Ibiza, this London party is one you’ll need to hear about on the grapevine and put in some effort to find; and as always, the greater the effort, the greater the reward. This is one of those special parties that you’ll never forget!

Clubland seems to be in turmoil at the moment with big clubs either closing or failing to inspire. Arguably, we’ve forgotten what it was that made clubbing so special. In Ibiza over the summer Azuli rediscovered some of those magic ingredients. Their Secret Ibiza parties created excitement and intrigue. They were about the party, not the ticket sales. Guests like Andy Cato, Pete Tong and Yousef turned up to play with the likes of Danny Tenaglia hitting the dancefloor.

Now it’s the turn of London to experience the return of the exclusive, underground party vibe. Azuli can be relied upon to deliver an amazing venue, special guest DJs with the best tunes and a stylish, up-for-it crowd. Azuli showed over the summer that they know how to attract a crowd of like minded people that can truly connect with each other, and create an atmosphere that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

The only way to get to this party is to visit where tickets may be purchased. However, no information on the location will be released until the day before the party, when you will receive a text message with all the details.


Azuli - Secret Party
Saturday 8th November
Secret Location
Entrance – £10 / Advance Tickets:
PR contact: / t.020 8582 0404 / m. 07957 690 652
Azuli Secret Ibiza Reunion-Sat 8 November


Secret Party

Not To Be Missed


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