August 13-26



If anyone is interested in meeting 4 crazy americans 4 some fun times, email me. We'll be staying in San An but are looking to get out most of the nights!


Hi .......We will also be there from the 15th....2 females from Toronto...
Just let us know where u guys want to meet up and will be there...
can't wait..just about 2wks to go!!!!!!!!!
We are staying in Ibiza town.
I will be heading into Ibiza on august 18th with another friend of mine - so we would definately want to meet up with anyone who is going to be there. Let me know where a good meeting point is.
Lets meet up

Hi guys,
I'm coming to San Antonio on 15th of August
Lets team up


Wanna meet up on a beach on August 16?

What Beach and at What time...Just let us know!!!! 8)
Getting prepared..this is going to be so insane...I LOVE IT ;)
How will we find eachother???
As far as the beach goes, let's meet at one of our hotels. If you wanna go to Cala Conta (an excellent and large beach according to reviewers), come to San Antonio and meet us at our hotel. If you wanna go to a beach by your place, let me know where to meet you... What time would be good? I'll assume that we'll be tired after Cream @ Amnesia. By the way, are you staying near Ibiza town?

I'm coming from Moscow, Russia.
I am male -not gay- I'm 25.
I'm coming alone .
I wanna visit all the best clubs and shows that are worth seeing: Cream, etc
I definitely wanna visit some foam parties.
Anyway that's all negotiable.
I'll live in San Antonio.
We can meet anywere May be on that beach you wrote about
Where is it?
Or lets go together to Cream 15.08
Your e-mail ichy76 is not working So propose the meeting point
and I'll be there

One more try
Mark. I'll stay in San Antonio in Bellamar hotel. Lets go to Cream together. I'm flying 15.08 at noon to Ibiza. We can meet at your hotel or my hotel (may be before going to Cream). Do you know the exact address of your place?
Mysalf and my brother are in Ibiza from 16th August to 23rd August
(don't know where we're staying yet) :lol:

What about meeting on Sunday for SPACE....

You all seem to be going at the same time so surely at some point in the week we could meet up.... :D

Hi Mark...
Let me just discuss it with Nadia and I will let u know A.S.A.P. on the meeting far that beach sounds good!!!!!! What day are u arriving there???
Hey klubkid, sasha, msoprano, mark and others

I am getting into San Antonio on Sunday Aug 18th with a friend of mine and am looking to meet up with as many people as I can. Does anyone want to meet up to go to Space on sunday night?

Msoprano - where in NY are you from?
I think I'm saving Space till the following Sunday. That Sunday we're going to Judgement Sunday @ Eden. Wanna come to that?

KlubkidCutie & Nadia: Do you girls wanna meet? Mail me either here or

Sasha: Hope to hear from you soon...

Everyone else seems to have different times they wanna meet up and doesn't seem to be serious about meeting up- first they say they do, but when I send them messages they don't reply (you know who you are). Anyone serious about meeting up though should definitely write me a message- there are some awesome people on this site and it would be great to meet you in person.


Reply for Mark

I'll come to San Antonio 15.08 at 17.30 the eraliest, may be
a couple of hours later, so I guess I'll be late for the beach.
I believe, I gonna be able to come to your hotel at 22.00.
Is it OK for Cream? When does Cream start?

2 guys from Dublin mailed me their mobile number to join
for Sunday Space or smth else. So I'm optimistic about
making some nice party crowd.

I can send you my Moscow mobile number, I'm sure it will work
on Ibiza. So if you know how to make calls on Moscow numbers from Ibiza you can use it. By the way u can send SMS free of charge from site.

Check out your mail

Best Regards

It's looking like there may be a few people up for meeting in Space on
Sunday 18th August.....

What's the thoughts all round, let's get a crowd together....

Myslef and my bro arrive on the 16th Aug, so let me know your email addresses and I'll check them out and make firm arrangements on 17th Aug for meeting at Space on the Sunday....

Email is now

Unfortuntaley I amy not have a moby with me, so will be relying on email...
I myself won't be going to space that night. I'll be going to Judgement Sunday- care to change your mind?