attention all DJs please


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hi all,

which can you recommend to me as the BEST online vinyl store in the UK.

thanks everyone,

much appreciated.

just had a search through juno records and chemical - both look excellent - especially like the 3 1/2 minute sample from chemical


i would like to make an agreement with one of these stores, whereby they would provide me (spotlight) with a sample and details of all of the ibiza summer hits as they become popular - in return i would link in to their store so that our visitors would have the option to buy the 12" online.

this would save me scouring kazaa, etc for samples of not-yet-released ibiza hits for our music page (very time-consuming as you may imagine ;-)

Juno seem to have always very upfront tunes but be careful... they tend to have tracks online that will not available through the distributon companies until a couple of weeks god knows how can they get dispatch them or have them.
I have order stuff that didn't arrive.