are the big clubs decent?



Just wondering where i can go to find some decent clubs that play good progressive stuff, dark and nasty would be nice. I don´t want to be stuck in a bigname club listening to cheesy trance if I can help it.
To be honest with you, the majority of clubs in Ibiza don't play trance at all.

I'm not really into prog house that much so am not the best authority, but there are loads of good deep house nights (Subliminal and Underwater at Pacha) and Sundays at Space has house right across the board.

This also means you'll experience the big clubs at busy nights with music you like.
last year the back room @ pacha for the underwater.subliminal night played really dark and twisted stuff when i was there - satoshi tomei was playing - hopefully will be the same this year.
If you like that stuff, try the dark/evil room at Space. They have some good resident DJ's playing progressive with the occasional breaks tune thrown in, and the system kicks arse. I found the music there to be the best overall although it can get a little weird in there sometimes.

Try and go to Manumission if you get a chance. The musics more funky but the club is well trippy and definately should be experienced at least once. You'll see what I mean when you go.
Defo inside Space

I mainly like funky/tribal house but also like to hear some prog and Space provides the perfect contract of both styles.

One of the best sets i have heard inside Space was 2/3(?) years ago when Pete Tong :!: played - loads of people were saying how good he was.

Didn't enjoy Jon Carters set (sorry Babs ;) ) last year when he played inside - his set was up, down and all over the place - just never found a level.

The Renaissance nights used to be good at Pacha for progressive.

Yeah, do Space on Sunday - you won't be dissapointed. I would suggest going late though - not much atmos inside during day.
DrewUK said:
Didn't enjoy Jon Carters set (sorry Babs ;) ) last year when he played inside - his set was up, down and all over the place - just never found a level.

Wash your mouth out with fairy liquid young man :p ;)
If you are going at the beginning of September then catch Sasha at Pacha on the 5th. Renaissance used to have nights there and this is a special night (and one of a few) to celebrate the 30th Birthday of this great club. When I go out on 31/8 I will be mostly going to Pacha. I love my prog and twisted stuff but also tribal/deep house too. I will of course be going to We Love Space. A must - inside is twisted all right! It's soo dark and freaky and the music can be like that too! I'd also recommend Cocoon for the more Techno type stuff and not sure what Defmix is like but it's on at Pacha to and I see they have Sander Kleinenberg who is pretty shit-hot. A good night last year was Four By Four - Dave Seamans night at El Divino - that was pure prog, but was not the best crowd puller apparently. Same with Digweed and Renaissance last year....

Will be there 31/8/03 - 14/09/03
house music

I think you're complicating the subject. Except amnesia none of the big clubs play trance. You can go at pacha almost every day for good progressive house. Monday, Tuesday, thursday, friday and sometimes wednesday. El divino also has good nights too try defected. Slinky @ privilege also should be tried.
moudire amnesia only really have one trance night which is cream
cocoon is techno and the rest are house.

there is trance over in san an at eden and es paradis.

here is a list of trance nights:-
Gallery & Clockwork Orange @ Eden every tues
Euphoria @ Eden every fri
Judgement Sundays @ Eden every sun
Water Party @ es paradis every tues
Euphoric & work @ es Paradis every weds
Slinky @ Privelige every fri
Cream @ Amnesia every thur

these are the main nights to hear trance on the island so avoid these

I don't think there are any nights that are exclusive to proggy house stuff
Most nights in Pacha and el devino its House but not really dark and nasty stuff its usually funky stuff.
Cocoon is techno @ amnesia the rest of the nights are house except cream.
The one place where i have been that gets pretty dark and dirty is inside space. but then it depends on who is playing.
Some of the back rooms on certain nights might have a dj on that might play the stuff that you want.
I can't believe no one has mentioned DC10. Depending on who's playing(you don't get to find out untill your in) it can get really dark & twisted. Jo Mills,Tania Vulcano etc all play tribal dark stuff.
But be prepared to see a few very messey people. U have to remember some people have been to Space for 20ish hours before partying hard, so the atmosphere can get a bit edgey but it goes with the music a tread!
If ur into tribal prog it's the place to go on a monday morning!
I agree! Circo Loco monday mornings at DC10 you'll definitely get some dark thumping house. Think we got there about 10 am but didnt get busy until later in afternoon. Didnt matter though, just left plenty roon to throw your moves.