Apartments Tivoli-Space


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How far a walk is Space from Tivoli Apartments. Been trying to look on google maps but there are a few locations for both so its a little hard to work it out. i know they are close but how close?
I'm staying at the Jabeque apartments, then heading to Formentera but we come back from Formentera on the Sunday and are going to the We Love closing party before flying out the monday. Therefore, we are just looking for somewhere cheap as close to Space as possible so we can dump our bags and walk back when we are a bit of a mess before we go to the airport! Tivoli sounds perfect :)
Lux Mar last year was full of italians. quite liked it actually...they are up for a party but not too obnoxious. Very funny to watch prancing round the pool as well in horrific swim and the gf had a good laugh, especially as her ex was italian so she recognised a few traits in them!
from what i gather, they all have sea views but going to get my spanish gf to call up before and request a seaview in the direction of ibiza town...they look amazing.
They are at the other side of central PDB to space but everything is within walking distance, I'd say about 12 minutes. There is a supermarket directly underneath you. I am staying in The Algarb which is across the road and a bit further up (from what people have told me) it will be my first time in that hotel as I booked the wrong one
which roomnumber did you say you have ?

45 ask for Graham .. its my surname honestly. Oh, and the stubble is just temporary it was an accident I burnt my chin with a hair curling tongs, Doc said hair growth something to do with the healing process... I know, it confuses me also ;)
last year despite binging on some great quality food in ibiza town, we did have one day where the KFC craving got us bad and we had to indulge!