Anyone want to meet over there to look for a place to stay


matt B

Hi I'm going over there on the 7th of June, i've booked a place to stay for a few days but need to find a flat to stay in till september. Would anyone like to meet at the Ship in san an between the 7th and 9th to look for a place to stay, the more the better. or does anyone have accom sorted and would like a flat mate. :D :D

I am canadian, but I am irish too, and I am going to try to be in dublin in the next week. ANYWAYS... do you know how I can get to Ibiza from Malaga? And then maybe we can talk about looking for places and work

Matt are you still planning on going over to Ibiza. I am planning on going over on the 6.14 and staying until Oct. 1st. I am looking for a flat mate as well.
Hey matt, my friend and i are going to ibiza on the 11 june, we have quit our jobs and are all ready for a summer of fun. So if you wanna get in touch we could help each other with jobs and accomodation. Hope ya dont mind we are both female!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!