anyone stayed at Hacienda?


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and is it good?
on of my friends hooked up with a rich girl and stayed there for 2 nites last year, he said it was magnificent and absolutely non fordable ;)
check their website: ;)

mike and claire at hacienda:

That place looks amazing. Forget pikes! I'm there!

Anyone know how much?
The Hacienda is an absolute bitch to get to so do not drive your Ferrari as it might mean a huge bill after the bumpy track to get there - the views are spectacular from most rooms and you can sit in your jacuzzi or on the balcony and enjoy the view - long way from the clubs though but if you can afford the stay you can afford the taxis from Puerto San Miguel.
hehe IG mødte godt ddin ven dernede han fortalte nemlig om hende den rige og det der hotel WOW det er nice !!!
virkelig???? Mørte du Kenneth? guuud hvor er verden dog lille! sig mig, var du dernede ugen efter mig i August? hvor rendte du ind i ham henne?
i also thought this was about manchesters great rave institution....

but did you know, you can stay there also, as it has been converted into apartments 8)