Anyone stay in the Jet Apartments?


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Hey hey hey...just getting ready for the summer. Last summer we stayed in a quieter part of the island for a week and then a couple of days in a junky hotel in Playa en Bossa. This summer we would like to stay in Playa en Bossa again but my only complaint was the water in the bathrooms were sooooo salty.

Has anyone stayed in the Jet apartments? Is the water quality any better?

They're not that cheap though, are they?

I suppose if you're getting flights and accomodation separately (such as if you are from USA) then it's fairly reasonable but there are a lot cheaper and better appointed places for UK visitors. The location is fab, though.
ur on a tiny island in a hot climate with salt planes totally over populated by tourists of course the water is salty

jet apartments are one of the best. for s/c .on the beach.nice pools.cafes
bars. bora need to more to get anything. you need.
all on site.enjoy woody