Anyone know Richmond Restaurants??


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I need to find somewhere young and funky (pref on or overlooking the river) good food and drinks.....

anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Pups x
As my parents live there and so did i for most of my life I guess you'd think im qualified to answer but my knowledge of decent restaurants is not that great. The annoying thing is that thefew that are by the river arent the best.
Theres a bar n grill (Smollenski's I think) right on the river but I have no idea what its like. The other places are basically pubs/bars that are on the river.
Other recomendations tho that def are worth a visit are Tangawizi , just over the bridge towards twickenham on the right , amazing new curry restaurant , Michelin star and all , quite small but great food and a much cooler vibe than the average curry house.
Cafe Mamma is at the North end of Richmond past the station and over the roundabout on the road that goes to Kew. Lovely Italian family resturant , we go there a few times a year for family get togethers etc as its tried and tested.
Cheers for that MM - I am on Top Table at the moment going through Richmond Restaurants. My brief is something young and funky "to help someone get over a breakup" (not sure, one night in a restaurant in Richmond will make the grade like, but.......)

So far, I have come up with

Al Rollo
Brouge Bistro
Tangawizi (Glad you mentioned this one - just have to find out if they like Indian food)
Hi ya have a look at "The Fishworks" in the town centre, fresh fish and sea food daily and a pretty cool vibe throughout i think you'll find.
Sorry forgot about this one a very good thai restaurant called "Hilltribe" it's on the one way system nearly opposite pizza express.