Anyone know a good plumber on the isle?


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I know it's not your typical "clubbing" question, but does anyone know of a good plumber on the island? Me 'n the wife have just bought a little casita and the bathroom needs a load of work doing on it so it's fit for human habitation. My Spanish ain't too bad but it would help if he spoke a "beet of engleesh" - particularly since I haven't quite mastered the words for drainage, leaks, yet. etc. Any hints?

And while we're at it, I might as well add in that if you know of a good general builder as well, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone....

Muchisimas gracias a todos!

There's a considerable foreigner population who resides in the Balearic islands all the year round, so I think many plumbers must be used to attend to british customers.

Anyway if you wanted to know about any expression you would need to use in Spanish, I'd be glad to tell you. ;)
The new millenium has (almost) reached Ibiza!! I also found the Spanish equivalent of the Yellow Pages - Paginas Amarillas ( which has got loaaaddds of stuff on every sort of business/occupation/perversion on the hallowed isle. Anyone need a gynaecologist in Santa Eulalia? It's in the Paginas Amarillas!! :D