Anyone Heard Vol 10 - Cafe Del Mar Cd


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Bought it a week ago, quite nice and VERY chillout´ favourite tunes yet, must have a closer listen. what do you people think????
Ibiza Girlie, I got it on Friday - but was out most of the weekend so the only chance I had to listen to it was last night b4 going to bed - nice, but didn't listen to it "properly"- Once I do I will report back :)
good, let me know what you think...
I listened to it a few times, still no songs stand out, maybe one or two...
The new Real Ibiza vol VI is really good.
Got home from doing nightshift at 7.30 this morning and proceeded to spark one up and chill for a bit. Chucked on the cd and my initial thoughts are that this may not be as good as some of the others (vol. 5 and 6 are my favs).

IMO sounds like it could be "just another" chillout cd - Also, as you said Ibiza girlie, I don't hear anything really standing out.

I get the feeling this will change though - reckon some of the tracks will grow on me after a few more listens - we'll see...

By the way, has anyone bought/heard the new Bar M cd yet??? Looks decent.
got it last week from local store
quite fast to traverse across the sea, I'm in south east asia btw :)

lovers lane, rue du soleil, bruno himself, vargo, YPEY,
IMO looks like they will be there on regular basis in (future) bruno's track list & compilation.
just comparing #9, dreams #2, & this #10.

vargo's track in cdm #10 is good, love its flamenco accent.
Robo said:
peddy - you've got this cd.

whats it like my friend??


hi folks, just got home from uni, so i wasn´t able to answer earlier :confused:

it´s really a great compilation, reminding me of relaxed times in ibiza. it never gets boring because it also includes some "faster" chillout-tunes. What i like especially about vol.10 is the jazz influence. :D

to cut a long story short: cafe del mar did it again.

i think spotlight hit the nail on the head describing the cafe del mar - series:
"We recommend mixing a jug of Sangría, putting on one of these CDs, closing your eyes and floating away..." --> EXACTLY!! ;)
Just brought it back from Ibiza on Monday along with Pacha - Lounge Collection Vol 1, Danny Tenaglia - Choice and three CD's I bought off DJ Gee when he was gigging at Bora Bora. Just skimmed over them for now, but they all sounded great.

DJ Soulman 8)