Anyone going 27thJuly - 5thAugust or 20thSept - 28thSept?



Just booked the second week ready for the closing parties :D

And its less than 3 weeks till me and my better half go for the first week :D

Anyone else going then? I know the user Dingo is ;)
I'll be there from the 22nd to the 30th July with my girlfriend and another mate. We'll be at Bora Bora and Space on the 28th if you want to meet-up.
Noticed your location cheekymonkey.... there's a group of about 25/26 of us going from the Manchester area from 24th July for a week.

Have you ever been to Tangled @ the Phoenix coz we're all regulars from there (The DJs are playing Xtravaganza on 26th).

:D :D :D
Hi Helen,

I am out there @ that time. I am going with 3 mates. I think i am gonna go to Xtravaganza the night i arrive so i might see you there....
No, never been to Tangled@Phoenix, where is it?

I normally go to Godskitchen@Code/Gatecrasher/Venus, Emporium, Sankeys in Manchester and almost always kick off the night down castlefield in Baa Baa, revolution, Lock Loaf etc.

I think I'm going out this sat to castlefield then to 2Risque at Hangar

So far I know of around 40 people who will be going Ibiza when i'm there from manchester . . .as they say . . Its where it all began !!
cheekymonkey said:
No, never been to Tangled@Phoenix, where is it?

Tangled is on Oxford road at the Phoenix (where Sinergy is held, university precinct).

It has to have the BEST atmosphere of any club I've ever been to, everyone is really friendly and up for it. It's not much of a place just a really dark room but the ressies are out of this world, Phil Morse plays mainly house and Terry Pointon plays trance. They are playing Xtravaganza (Alex Gold plays Tangled quite a bit) which is why we're all going to Ibiza when we are.

I used to go to Sankeys when Golden was there and used to go to Cream, Crasher and Gods (still do sometimes) but Tangled totally won me over when I started going there coz it's got no airs and graces and is just about the music and the people.

You'll need to give it a try sometime, but get a taster of the music at Xtravaganza if you make it down, I went last year and it was fantastic.

Phill said:
Hi Helen,

I am out there @ that time. I am going with 3 mates. I think i am gonna go to Xtravaganza the night i arrive so i might see you there....

Look out for 26 nutters going mad at the front :D
Whoops, sorry cheekymonkey :oops: ...just realised you're going the night after our Tangled boys are playing at Privilege. Never mind, try the proper Manc version one Saturday night.
Not to worry . . .I might do that though . .I may even be in Manchester this weekend.

Sounds like my kind of place, small and dark but with everybody in the right frame of mind and the DJ's driving the people crazy. It's always good to try new places anyway, it keeps it interesting !
Be there on Aug 23 rd 'till Sep 9th

8) Does anyone gonna nearby Playa Embossa on Aug 23rd? I'll be there with 2 more friends at Club Playa D'en mbossa.
Tom in Ibiza July 26-31

I'm going to Ibiza alone from California for the first time July 26 to 31 and looking for people to hang with.
Not sure yet if I will stay in San Antonio or around Bora Bora.
:lol: Hello..Me and my beloved will be out there 28th July till 4th Aug, if you wanna meet up?? Arriving at 2ish and have a car for the week, so if you want a lift back and dont fancy the bus wrecked after a night out..let us know!! Will defo be at Subliminal/Underwater night..the choice is too mush isnt it??Hope yo hear from you..Tracy :rolleyes: :p
myself and boyfriend only have 2 nights (sob sob!!) :cry: , we'll be in ibiza town on 2-4th of august... so we'll be the two loonies trying to go to 7 clubs in one night! no seriously, any suggestions on the pick of the bunch gratefully accepted! we hope to be in bora bora on sunday to catch the last few tunes,.. and probably change our minds and miss our boat home!

hope to see you round
kats xx :p
Sorry I've not replied sooner people . . .I've not been well and the last thing I want is to miss my holiday . . .NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Better now though (I think) :D

It seems like it's gonna be home from home, 2 people who I work with are now going out a couple of days before us and they're hiring a car so they're our lift from the airport to the hotel :)

I still don't know where we're headed first but I know wherever we are we'll be wrecked and lovin it. So far there are going to be about 25 people out there who I already know . . .should be a good laff.

Not long now . . .C U all soon :D